Woman Born in Libertyville to Head Libertarian Party Ticket

From Joseph Monack of Woodstock:

Libertarian Party Nominates Dr. Jo Jorgensen for President

On Saturday, May 23rd, 2020, the Libertarian Party nominated Dr. Jo Jorgensen for president at a virtual convention with about 1,000 delegates from 50 states and D.C. 

After several rounds of runoff voting, Jorgensen received 51 percent to secure the nomination for president. Other candidates seeking the nomination at the convention were Adam Kokesh, Jim Gray, John Monds, Vermin Supreme, and Jacob Hornberger. (Congressman Justin Amash of Michigan said he was going to run but dropped out before the convention began.)

Jorgensen was born in Libertyville, IL in 1957. She got her Bachelor’s in psychology at Baylor and then an MBA from Southern Methodist University. Finally, she earned a Doctorate from Clemson where she is now a senior lecturer of psychology. 

She was the Vice-Presidential candidate of the Libertarian Party in 1996, running on a ticket with Harry Browne.

Jo Jorgensen

Jorgensen is the Libertarian Party’s first female presidential candidate in its history of elections dating back to 1972. She is considered more moderate/pragmatic than others in the party — a feature that could theoretically dampen her support among some purists, but could also bring in more mainstream voters who dislike both Donald Trump and Joe Biden. For example, Jorgensen does not argue that we need to totally eliminate government, like an anarchist would, but that, “We have got to cut the size and scope of the government.” 

Despite being seen as somewhat moderate for a Libertarian, she is still less “statist” (that being the use of government to attempt to solve problems) than the two major parties’ candidates. She called the government’s response to coronavirus “the biggest assault on our liberties I’ve seen in my lifetime” and opposes government bailouts for businesses, unlike Trump and Biden. The Libertarian Party is sometimes described as socially liberal, economically conservative, although many describe themselves as consistently for liberty or consistently against government meddling.

Her running mate will be Spike Cohen.

For more information on Dr. Jo, visit her website.  https://joj2020.com/



Woman Born in Libertyville to Head Libertarian Party Ticket — 25 Comments

  1. Thank God for the Libertarian Party!

    Hopefully Jo Jorgensen will get to debate Trump and Biden.

    Also, hats off to my favorite political party, The Constitution Party.

    I think forced vaccination should be ferociously debated!

  2. The reason I usually vote third or fourth party is to show support for a non-interventionist foreign policy.

    Endless wars destroy empires from within.

    Besides, the two party system is really one party hiding behind a screen like shadow puppets.

    They ALL listen, except for the last true American President and war hero, Pres. John Fitzgerald Kennedy, to a most powerful group.

    He warned us of secret societies, those in power on Earth. America has never been the same since his murder/assination/coverup/coup/endlesswar.

    I never thought I would be excited to vote for a person named Joe for president, but this Jo has my support!

    God bless you Jo Jorgensen and all those around you!

    Best regards,

    Gary Christ and Daisy

  3. Gary, you’re right, but I can’t vote for. Her face is made of wax.

    And it’s melting.

  4. Libertarians are not afraid to discuss “taboo topics”, another reason why I support them.

    I believe Cal mentioned hearing the 9-11 conspiracy analysis at a Libertarian gathering.

    Talking about the Fed. Income tax, Freedoms and Liberties, is quite an education.

    Hats off to the late Mr. Bill Baruth and the living Mr. Jim Young!

    I remember distinctly watching on tv an interview with Pres. Bush many years ago.

    The interviewer was the duly respected Mr. Tim Russert (Russet?).

    Tim SNIPED JR. with an inquiry of….The Federal Reserve!

    JR. attempted humor, Tim shot back “Mr. President, please share thoughts about the FED.”

    JR is trapped, shot twice until he Cries out in pain “Tim! You know I can’t talk about the FED!”

    Poor Tim died suddenly not long after this video.

  5. Please share your wisdom, Mr. Buckle as to who might be supporting with a vote. Thanks!

  6. Correction: Please share your wisdom as to who you suggest voting and supporting.

    I can just see Sister Martha shaking her head in heaven at my poor grammar and proofreading!

  7. Is this party serious? One of the candidates was “Vermin Supreme”?

  8. Vermin Supreme is an amazing politician.

    He was at least honest about his advocations.

    I can think of a few people who could use mandatory tooth brushing.

  9. Per WIKI:

    “Supreme is known for wearing a boot as a hat and carrying a large toothbrush,[6] and has said that if elected President of the United States, he will pass a law requiring people to brush their teeth.[3][7][8][9] He has campaigned on a platform of zombie apocalypse awareness and time travel research,[10] and promised a free pony for every American.”

    zombie apocalypse awareness, free ponies, boot, time travel? What next? Alien abduction defense, condos for martians, welcome messages for klingons…?

  10. You were on the wiki page.

    Did you overlook that he is an “artist” He’s not actually advocating those things.

    Just displaying how ridiculous sounding things can be politically valid.

  11. If Biden happens to win because of the Libertarian vote then the Libertarian Party will be the downfall of this Country!

    Say what you want about Trump but he is single handily has changed the judges in this Country and the Supreme Court is up as well!

    Wonder how the Libertarians feel about China?

    Like she would have any guts to stand up to them!

    The Libertarian Party also likes open borders!

    This is one of the most important elections in our lifetime. Socialist or Free Market is up for grabs along with the Judges!

  12. >THE LP IS GOING TO HURT TRUMP AND HELP BIDEN (let’s ignore the fact that LP got its highest vote total in history in 2016 yet Trump managed to win states that hadn’t voted Republican since the 1980’s)


    lol do you even hear yourself?

    Trump has nobody but himself to blame if he loses. Trump will certainly lose Illinois, so it won’t matter here. If Republicans actually believe in this “spoiler” theory then they should vote Green to help the Greens get ballot access. Splitting Democratic votes with Greens is the only chance Republicans have at winning statewide contests in Illinois and getting out of super-minority status in both chambers. But will Republicans do that? Will Republicans vote Green to hurt Democrats in the long term? Of course they will not.

    “Will she stand up to China?”
    “This election is about muh free market!”


  13. I certainly do not agree with the Libertarian platform on several key issues, but I feel that we need more than two candidates.

    Especially since Biden is in a state of declining mental capacity.

    Governor Jesse Ventura is not running, but would make a great debater.

    He is not afraid to speak truth to power.

  14. I certainly do not agree with the Libertarian platform on several key issues, but I feel that we need more than two candidates.

    Especially since Biden is in a state of declining mental capacity.

    Governor Jesse Ventura is not running, but would make a great debater. He is not afraid to speak truth to power.

  15. “I certainly do not agree with the Libertarian platform on several key issues, but I feel that we need more than two candidates.”

    ^ Yup ^

  16. Gary you are so right about Jesse. I’m surprised he’s still alive.

  17. The Democrat Party will put up with anything and everything to protect their guy Biden – plagiarism, obnoxious with women struggling to get away from his kisses and smelling of hair, rape of a woman, stupidity and usually wrong on many foreign affair issues, racist remarks, insulting voters to their faces, etc. If he wins, this doddering dementia laden old fool will have the power and authority to accidentally start WWIII.

  18. No drug laws, LGBTQ agenda full blast, open borders, affirmative action——— tell me again why I should vote libertarian?

  19. The Libertarian Party has changed a lot over the years.

    They used to be mainly concerned with a literal interpretation of the Constitution and holding the government’s feet to the fire when it exceeded its mandate.

    The original LP Platform in 1972 doesn’t even mention immigration, and now it seems to be one of the party’s core issues.

    Irrelevant trivia: My father went to law school with a so-called “faithless elector.”

    He was pledged to vote for Nixon/Agnew in the Electoral College, and he voted for the Libertarian candidate instead.

    My father said the man was always kind of strange.

  20. Billy Bob, he must have been strange if he voted against Nixon.

    Did you know that the issue of faithless electors is being debated at the Supreme Court? This is a HUGE case, yet I’ve heard almost nothing about it on the news.

    They’re too busy spreading 24/7 fear news/fake news to destroy our health.

    “Acute stress also increases blood levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines [2]. Chronic stress lasting from days to years, like acute stress, is associated with higher levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines, but with potentially different health consequences [3]. Inflammation is a necessary short-term response for eliminating pathogens and initiating healing, but chronic, systemic inflammation represents dysregulation of the immune system and increases risk for chronic diseases, including atherosclerosis and frailty [4]. Another consequence of chronic stress is activation of latent viruses. Latent virus activation can reflect the loss of immunological control over the virus, and frequent activation can cause wear-and-tear on the immune system [5].”


  21. Shark, the democrats claim the libertarians and Greens wrecked it for Witch Hillary.

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