A Retired Public Official’s Lament – Part 4

From Ersel Schuster, who is responsible for many increases in transparency on the McHenry County Board, also served as Seneca Township Supervisor:

A Retired Public Official’s Lament (Part 4)

Watching the current batch of rioters, anarchists, and terrorist prancing around the country; attention must also be drawn toward many elected to public office whose personal, socialist agendas are being exposed.

Understanding these facts, the questions become:

What can the silent majority do to put the pieces back together?

And what can turn those indoctrinated to destroy the country into productive citizens who love their country?


Handing your children off to daycare and preschool persons as “babysitters,” all too often begins the subversive educational process fostered by the “it takes a village” crowd. It then escalates as teachers and professors continue the socialist indoctrination witnessed in streets across the country.

Your children must be taught the meaning of honesty; to know right from wrong; to be responsible; and to be law-abiding citizens. Mom and dad, you are the best, and most important teachers.

Step up, participate in your local school boards, test all curriculum for disinformation, get to know the teachers and the administration. For your children’s sake, they must learn, or re-learn, the true history of our country and the great opportunities it has available as they launch into productive adulthood.


President Trump has started eliminating the corruption!

It is up to us to search out those candidates willing to stand with him in completing that task.

It is our responsibility to cut through the simplistic “bullet-points” of campaign rhetoric, literature, and commercials… to find those candidates who understand the issues.

Consider avoiding candidates who amass huge pockets of money from sources outside your community.

This outside money often goes to weak candidates who lobbyist and
politicians target as malleable and pushovers who will do what they are told to do.

These folks must be made fully aware that we want elected officials who will represent the public rather than the candidate’s personal goals, lining their own pockets, or bolstering their personal egos.

Make no mistake, we are dealing with unabashed anarchists; those marching, demonstrating, looting, destroying the property of others, stealing, maiming, attacking, killing, and violating the rule of law in
every manner.

Some are doing this with an agenda while others are being swept into the cause as unwitting accomplices.

No one living today was party to building the fundamental framework of this vastly successful country.

Only history teaches the wisdom of their efforts.

That rich history is ours to protect and defend against those who cannot, or will not, allow themselves to learn the importance of history.

On November 3 rd we have a choice that will settle this anarchy issue.

= = = = =

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A Retired Public Official’s Lament – Part 4 — 11 Comments

  1. Ersel needs help.

    Trump is not the answer by any means.

    Israeli Scientists Claim It’s ‘Pure Luck’ They Were Already Working On A COVID-19 Vaccine Prior To The Outbreak



    You’ve all been had!

    You ever get the feeling that Trumpstein, Pence, Pelosi and Schumer & Company are all laughing backstage at the latest sham on the American people.

    Is this a WWE script?

    After all, Trump was involved in the WWE and the entertainment business.

    Trumpstein vs. The World.

    Trumpstein vs. The Swamp.

    Trumpstein vs. Dr. Fauci aka Dr. Weasel.

    Trumpstein will build a wall.

    Trumpstein will bring our troops back home.

    Trumpstein and The Bible.

    Trumpstein for the flag.

    OH PUKE.

    All this sounds good and all so don’t get me wrong, but like Elvis sang years ago, a little less talk and a little more action.

    Trumpstein appears to be the latest HOAX placed on gullible Americans.

    Trumpstein has basically done nothing any different than his predecessors, he has kissed Jew/Israeli ass first and foremost, ( hell, Trumpstein might even be more cuckold for the Zios than even his predecessors and that is saying a lot.)

    Was Trumpstein put in place so traditional America would feel “safe” as we watch our culture being canceled right before our eyes. Trumpstein kicks back on Twitter while we watch our culture crumble, our right to free speech be taken away, police officers being attacked in broad daylight by thugs and the thugs facing no consequences.

    Looks American has fallen faster under Trumpstein’s watch than all the others before him combined.

    Not to say we need to elect that drooling geriatric fool, Biden, but my gawd, Trumpstein has done more harm than good. IS HE IN ON THIS?

    Lets remember this one, “birds of a feather flock together.”

    How many photos out there have Trump alongside his pals Ghislane and/or Epstein.

    How about Trump and Dershowitz?

    Trump and Bill Clinton out on the golf course, at weddings, etc.


    IF this is what Trump calls “winning,” I sure would hate to see what he calls “losing.”

  2. Until we see Jewish power and its stranglehold of our country for what it is – colonization by Zionist Israel using Israel Firster agents, there is little hope for an effective decolonization campaign to be launched and take back our country from these parasites.

  3. Silly Eddie, who do you think started BLM and funded it from Day One?

  4. Excellent comments again from Ersel Schuster.

    Votes for any Democrat this November gives approval for their current recklessness in places they govern or are in charge (such as Seattle) and for the future destruction of our nation whether they control DC or cities and states. They are for open borders, sanctuary cities and states, free health care for illegal aliens, reduction or elimination of police forces, forgiveness of debt on student loans, surtax on the net worth of households, higher taxes, citizenship and voting rights for illegal aliens, voting rights for convicts, etc. Many of them support an organization with marxist leaders whose goal is the overthrow of the U.S. Government. Trust no Democrat.

  5. I have to agree.

    The far left has pretty much become the mainstream democratic party.

    They prop up a man that doesn’t have a clue to appeal to what’s left of the moderate democrats, but that’s it.

    A vote for any democrat this election is a vote against our country.

  6. If the democrats cared about our country, they would not welcome those who wish to destroy it,even if it means losing. Instead they virtue signal to this group and court them as part of thier base.

  7. Re: Doctor Who and his diatribe:

    Message to a few unhinged bloggers on all such platforms:

    1) you would do well to stick to the article’s topic; and,

    2) make your point then let your fellow bloggers have their say.

    Experience reveals, most readers will simply skip over drivel such as that of “Doctor Who” and move on to more succinct comments.

    Novel idea… those of you with such pent-up anger, write your own articles and let the public tell you what they think!

    P.S. where in any of the 4 parts of this work were “Jews” mentioned or alluded to?

  8. In the No, That was Who’s point.

    The zip factor can NEVER be addressed.

    Hannity even said so at a drunken party.

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