The Democrats’ “If True” Problem

Gov. JB Pritzker laid down the party line.

House Speaker Mike Madigan should resign “if” the allegations in the Com Ed agreement were true.

Mike Madigan, the face of the Illinois Democratic Party.

Now the Chicago Tribune takes Democrats to task for not being bold enough to call for Madigan’s resignation from the Speakership and the Democratic Party.

If they won’t insist that Madigan go until they know everything about his conduct, then they’re admitting that milking Madigan for campaign money and political muscle means more to them than living by the good-government platitudes they love to mouth.

The editorial calls it, “The Silence of the Dems.”


Illinois does need ethics reforms. But mostly it needs politicians who display — and demand —ethical leadership.


The Democrats’ “If True” Problem — 13 Comments

  1. Mighty King Tyrant Madigan has just as many GOP toadies as Democrats.

  2. Madigan is a little man with big plans to self aggrandize. But he couldn’t get his lazy daughter to accept his dictate that she become Governor.

    Poor man, his legacy will end in ignominy and disgrace!

  3. Could it be that they are not speaking up because as leader of the Democratic Party Madigan may have a say in how funds are distributed to political candidates, and as Speaker of the House he has control over what legislation gets passed which means how funds are distributed to politicians’ districts?

    It’s pretty funny hearing Dems complain about Trump the orange cheeto hitler dictator man who constantly has his hands tied by courts, by governors, by members of his own party, yet they’re fine with the enormous power Mike Madigan has in Illinois which is on par with actual dictators.

    Democrats have no idea what they are talking about, they are hypocrites, they are cowards, and they are unethical.

    Unless they take a stand on Madigan BEFORE November, these people are going to lose a lot of respect.

    “He should be removed if he did felonies” is not taking a strong stance.

  4. Almost no politician criticizes a leader of his/her political party.

    This will never change. 😮

  5. Democrat equals either uneducated or over educated to the point where you logic yourself into stupidity.

  6. Yet when these pieces of crap make accusations against the President they’re made as if he’s been charged or presented before any type of judicial body he’s guilty beyond a reasonable doubt!

    Talk about hypocrisy!!!

  7. Jack Franks likes to make others pay 4 for his campaign agitprop.

    He will pay it all back in 2022

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