More Dems (Only Marengo’s Peter Janko from McHenry County) Call for Madigan to Resign as Party Chairman

Found on Capitol Fax are these folks who call on Mike Madigan to step down as Democratic Party Chairman:

  • Florence Appell, DuPage County Precinct Committeeperson
  • Nathan Arroyave, Winnebago County Democrats Young Dems Chair
  • Daniel Biss, former State Senator and State Representative
  • Erica Bray-Parker, Wheaton City Council member and DuPage County Precinct Committeeperson
  • Muriel Briel, Plainfield Township Democrats Vice Chair and former IL-16 congressional candidate
  • Jennifer Carrillo, Bloomington City Council Member
  • Lynn Casey-Maher, Winfield Township Democratic Organization Chair
  • Sharon Chung, McLean County Board Member
  • Jody Coss, Stephenson County Precinct Committeeperson and former 17th District State Central Committeewoman candidate
  • Jeff Crabill, Bloomington City Council Member
  • Sara Dady, former IL-16 congressional candidate
  • Julie Emig, Bloomington City Council Member
  • Michelle Gerritsen, DeKalb County Democrats Treasurer
  • Aaron Goldstein, former Chicago 33rd Ward Committeeperson and Attorney General candidate
  • Patrick Gordon, Elgin Township Democrats Secretary
  • Pamela Gronemeyer, former 13th District State Central Committeewoman candidate
  • Maria Hadden, 49th Chicago Ward Alder
  • Joshua Hartke, former Champaign County Board Member
  • Peter Janko, 14th District State Central Committeeman
  • Elizabeth Johnston, McLean County Board Member
  • Chris Kennedy, former candidate for Governor
  • Ed Klein, Stephenson County Precinct Committeeperson and former 17th District State Central Committeeman candidate
  • Germaine Light, Vermillion County Democrats Vice Chair and Democratic nominee for Vermillion County Board
  • Melissa Lindberg, former 5th District State Central Committeewoman candidate
  • Elizabeth Lindquist, Roscoe Township Trustee, Winnebago County Dems Exec Board Township Rep, Democratic nominee for Winnebago County Board
  • Neill Mohammad, candidate for DeKalb County Board, former IL-16 congressional candidate
  • Myrna Molina, Kane County Board Member
  • Lucy Moog, Chicago 43rd Ward Democratic Committeeperson
  • Alicia Morales, Joliet Junior College Trustee
  • Maggie O’Keefe, Chicago 40th Ward Democratic Committeeperson
  • David Orr, former Cook County Clerk, 49th Ward Chicago Alder, and Chicago Mayor
  • Ross Outten, former 5th District State Central Committeeman candidate
  • Peggy Pissarreck, Wheeling Township Democratic Organization Exec Committee
  • Angela Price, Blackberry Township Democrats Treasurer
  • Jason Rausch, Plainfield Park District Trustee
  • Beth Rice, Will County Board Member
  • Jennica Roennenburg, Stephenson County Precinct Committeeperson
  • Craig Roman, DeKalb County Board Member
  • Sheila Simon, former Lieutenant Governor
  • Logan Smith, McLean County Board Member
  • Alison Squires, Sugar Grove Township Trustee, Sugar Grove Township Democrats Secretary
  • Lisa Stich, Stephenson County Precinct Committeeperson
  • Gary Tomlinson, Election Judge Coordinator, Democratic Party of DuPage County
  • Marian Tomlinson, Former Chair, Democratic Party of Milton Township
  • Carl Utt, Stephenson County Precinct Committeeperson
  • Andre Vasquez, 40th Ward Chicago Alder
  • Rachel Ventura, Will County Board Member, former IL-11 congressional candidate
  • Arti Walker-Peddakotla, Oak Park Trustee
  • Shayna Watchinski, McLean County Board Member
  • JJ Wett, DeKalb County Democrats Vice Chair
  • Laurie Wollrab, McLean County Board Member
  • Maggie Wunderly, former Naperville Township Democrats Chair and 11th District State Central Committeewoman candidate
  • Walt Zlotow, former Chair, Democratic Party of Milton Township

Missing from the list are McHenry County Democrats other than Janko.

None of the following elected Democrats have called for Madigan’s resignation:

Jack Franks conferring with Mike Madigan.

McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks, who voted for Madigan to be House Speaker nine times.

Nancy Pelosi and Kristina Zahorik

Democratic Party Chair’s Association Chair Kristina Zahorik.

Suzanne Ness

McHenry County Board member Suzanne Ness, who is running for State Rep.

Michael Vijuk

McHenry County Board member Michael Vijuk.

Carlos Acosta

McHenry County Board member Carlos Acosta.

Kelli Wegener
Paula Yensen

McHenry County Board member Paula Yensen.

The Northwest Herald does not think this is worth a story.


More Dems (Only Marengo’s Peter Janko from McHenry County) Call for Madigan to Resign as Party Chairman — 4 Comments

  1. Most of these Democrats are Former Democrats trying to be relevant. 😁

    Rich Miller calls Maria Hadden “Alder”. The correct term is “Alderperson”. 😁

    Daniel Biss gave up a safe state senate seat, to run for governor-not smart! 😐

  2. What song is Carlos Acosta singing?


    Also, we could use another picture similar to these featuring the BIG pumpkin size head of Patrick D. Kenneally with sign saying “Room For Rent”.

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