Mike Madigan’s Latest Candidate in Southeastern McHenry County Makes Five Mailings in Two Weeks

After the last reapportionment, David McSweeney won the Republican Primary Election against the Establishment candidate.

Then, the deceased Republican State Rep. Mark Beaubien’s wife Dee ran as an Independent against McSweeney.

Mike Madigan poured hundreds of thousands of dollars into Dee Beaubien’s campaign to defeat McSweeney.

Not, eight years later, Madigan has a new female candidate–Marci Suelzer.

The Republican candidate to replace McSweeney is Marty McLaughlin, the Village President of Barrington Hills.

In the past two weeks, Madigan’s State Democratic Party has made five mailings on her behalf.

I don’t know their order, but you can see them below:

Please send me political mail you receive. The email address is on the left of the page.


Mike Madigan’s Latest Candidate in Southeastern McHenry County Makes Five Mailings in Two Weeks — 14 Comments

  1. Look, another SJW DEMOCRAT and Lord Jumbo Boy, King Of Burgers And Gluttony doppelganger.

  2. Does Mike Madigan know that one of his candidates is running on a platform that promotes a property tax freeze?!?!

    It was only 3 years ago that Madigan that Madigan described this as an “extreme right-wing agenda”.

    I’d like to know more about her ideas on finding “alternative revenue sources” to pay for a freeze.

    Just how high do these new tax rates have to go under the new Fair Tax in order to pay for all the new spending and now a new property tax freeze?

    Just how many “millionaires” will be left in the state after Madigan, Pritzker and Marci are done taxing them?

  3. Sorry, Cal, the latest Underwood mail was hastily placed into the garbage can, and I wasn’t going to remove it because it had garbage juice on it.

    I’ll be more careful next time.

    It was an appeal to veterans on healthcare and VA issues though, and it had a disclaimer about how someone wearing military insignia did not signify an endorsement from the military.

    If anybody has that one, send it to Cal.

  4. Why doesn’t Marci Suelzer list her party affiliation in her ads?

  5. Michael Hirsch, this mail does say paid for by Democratic Party of Illinois.

    That means it has Michael Madigan’s blessing.

  6. Re: 10:15 PM

    Marci indeed does not say she is a Democrat or a “proud” Democrat in words on the flyer. However, in small print, the return address does state, “Paid for by the Democratic Party of Illinois”.

    Given the gross incompetence, negligence, deceit of numerous, numerous Democrats in the US, including Obama, Hillary, Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, Madigan, etc, the watchword for all decent and law abiding Americans should be, “Trust no Democrat, Never vote for a Democrat”.

  7. Will ban red light cameras?

    Gimme a break Marci, thats something the guy you’re trying to replace is famous for actually starting on…get more creative if Madigan is giving you that much money.

    Where’s McLaughlin’s mailings?

  8. She’s the kind of person WE DON’T NEED!

    A big fat Democrat who hates normalcy.

    Just like Gov. Fatso!

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