Wilcox Gives Reasons for Supporting Buehler for County Board Chairman

Here’s what State Senator Craig Wilcox has to say about Mike Buehler:


McHENRY, IL – IL Sen. Col. Craig Wilcox has endorsed Mike Buehler for McHenry County Board Chairman.

“Electing Mike Buehler Board Chairman is the first step in restoring confidence in good government here in McHenry County,” said Wilcox, who has served as the Illinois Senator representing the 32nd District since 2018.

Wilcox represented the 4th District on the County Board from 2016 to 2018.

In that position, he saw firsthand how the current board chairman used power to reward those who went along and to punish those who did not toe the line, “Like the time Chairman Franks asked the Sheriff and States Attorney representatives to arrest Board Members Jeff Thorsen and myself for remaining after a cancelled Special Session to talk to residents.

Jack Franks in an “I’m in charge” mode the day mentioned in Senator Craig Wilcox’s comments.

“We were completely in compliance with Open Meetings Act rules.

“Apparently, the Chairman didn’t understand that, so he attempted to influence our actions with threats of arrests.

“This was all captured on video for anyone who wants to verify the story.

“We do not need politicians who work to consolidate power into their position.”

Buehler is a successful businessman running D&M Scales with his twin brother Tim for 25 years.

This is his first venture into politics.

Buehler’s business experience is expected to serve him well as chairman of the board, particularly Buehler’s ability to foster a positive atmosphere that supports teamwork and efficiency.


Wilcox Gives Reasons for Supporting Buehler for County Board Chairman — 9 Comments

  1. Ferris Buehler better start going door to door in Dorr Township.

  2. With every career politician, there comes a time to say ENOUGH.

    Democrat Jack Franks has failed to explain the sexual assault allegations and stalking allegations against him, or the apparently ongoing investigation of same by the State Police.

    Democrat Jack Franks’ patronage hires at McHenry include a former editor at Pro-Franks “newspaper” the Northwest Herald. His hires continue to receive salaries and benefits paid for by our tax dollars.

    Democrat Jack Franks has continuously gamed the County Board to control and rule the county like his personal fiefdom.

    Democrat Jack Franks defended and covered for scandal-ridden Democrat County Board member Carlos Acosta, even calling Acosta a “model Board member,” right up until the point that Acosta was arrested for child-endangerment and other charges.

    HOW much more are we supposed to take? ANOTHER four years of this? VOTE. HIM. OUT.

  3. Franks placed a sign in my neighbor’s yard.

    She gets out of her car looks at it puzzled.

    She pulls it out and places it with her trash.

    Pickup is tomorrow.

    Made my day.

  4. Yesterday I spotted Franks in Union in a suit personally putting up his yard signs.

    Gave me a chuckle that he’s pinching pennies to save his campaign coffers on legal defense of the rape allegations.

    Either that or he can no longer recruit paid workers to do the task.

  5. In a town called union a jew in a suit is out putting up a sign for a crypto-socialist.

    What a picture.

  6. Franks has finally been identified as the fraud/scam he has always been.

    I never thought he’d fall this disgracefully down so fast.

  7. For every sign removed 3 will stay up. Franks preys on rental units! The renters think the landlord did it. The Landlord blames the tenants.

    And people think Franks has all this support which he doesn’t.

    I won a $50 bet with a guy who insisted that Franks was Catholic bc he always went to the Marian bingo bash.
    Why does he hide his jewishness from people?

    Why does he do this stupid sign scam? BECAUSE HE CAN GET AWAY WITH IT!

    He needs to be kicked back to Buffalo Grove or where ever he slithered from!

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