Daily Herald Endorses Mike Buehler over Jack Franks for County Board Chairman

From the Daily Herald:

Mike Buehler for McHenry County Board chairman.

Though we may not always have agreed with him when he was a state representative, we have admired Jack Franks’ maverick spirit and his commitment to taxpayer fairness.

But in his role as McHenry County Board chairman, Franks has pressed that spirit to its breaking point, and often finds himself at cross purposes with the board.

Add to that a cloud of suspicion from a sexual misconduct claim, one that he denies, going back to his time in Springfield, and it seems clear that it’s time for a change at the helm.

WGEM-TV screen shot.

Republican Mike Buehler is the right person to guide it.

Mike Buehler

The owner of a construction business, Buehler does not have previous political experience, but he is intimately familiar with the activities and politics of the county board and the actions the chairman must take to make the operation work effectively.

“I have learned the importance of promoting an atmosphere of teamwork, communication, and collaboration to achieve the best solutions for the benefit of the residents and taxpayers of McHenry County,” he says in his candidate questionnaire.

And his promise to bring “respectful and honest dialogue” to county board deliberations offers promising relief from the political rancor that too often has marked the board in recent years.

Though he’s new to the political side of McHenry County government, Buehler is no sacrificial lamb in the race for the chairman’s seat.

He’s knowledgeable, committed and capable, and he gets our support.


Daily Herald Endorses Mike Buehler over Jack Franks for County Board Chairman — 12 Comments

  1. So is the Rag now to be considered a creditable new source?

    Ya right!!!!!

  2. Good pick!

    But it’s funny how it only matters if it’s their good ole boys otherwise it’s trash.

  3. Mike Buehler is not a “good old boy.”

    I didn’t meet him until last summer.

  4. They just want to stick to the de facto publisher (jackal Franks) of the NWH, a competitor paper.

    That’s all this is.

    But I like it!

  5. Poor Jack, caught with his pants DOWN.

    How come no Franks signs?

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