IL-14: Lauren Underwood Crosses the Line on Kyle Rittenhouse

Lauren Underwood
Kyle Rittenhouse

“This summer, a teenager from our community allegedly committed murder in Kenosha, Wisconsin.”

— Lauren Underwood, 10/1/20

Michelle Malkin

Congresswoman Lauren Underwood (D, IL-14) received an early birthday present Thursday afternoon, October 1. Underwood, who turns 34 Sunday, was placed on the “Smear List”, maintained by conservative columnist Michelle Malkin, who accompanied the mother of Kyle Rittenhouse and his lead attorney John M. Pierce to a Wisconsin Republican event last week.

The “Smear List” began by Malkin in late August is an informal list of high-profile people (usually, Twitter users with verified-user check marks) who cast potentially defamatory aspersions on the Antioch, IL resident Rittenhouse. The Smear List is a “watch list” for Kyle Rittenhouse’s legal defense team from Fightback Foundation for potential civil litigation for defamation.

McHenry County Blog published Underwood’s statement at the House Homeland Security Committee hearing from September 17, where she questioned FBI Director Christopher Wray. She stopped short of placing Rittenhouse into a “white supremacist” list. Here is how she referred to Rittenhouse, but not by name:

“Your [FBI Director Christopher Wray] agencies have identified domestic violent extremism, particularly white supremacy as a leading threat to our Homeland. Last month a teenager from my district in Antioch, IL, went to Kenosha WI where he allegedly killed two people with an AR-15 style rifle amid the protests there.”

On Wednesday (Sept. 30), Underwood’s legislation H.R. 5780, the “Safe Communities Act”, came to the House floor, and Underwood spoke for its passage in a brief 4+ minute video, with the first minute and 10 seconds has the relevant point:

Underwood’s bill passed by voice vote, and faces an unclear future in the Senate. Her congressional office issued a press release on Wednesday.

Yesterday (Oct. 1), Underwood’s political campaign issued a press release on the bill’s passage, with a few changes to what Underwood had said to date:

FBI Director Christopher Wray recently testified before the House Committee on Homeland Security and identified domestic violent extremism, particularly white supremacist violence, as a leading threat to our nation.

“Suburban and rural communities like ours are increasingly threatened by acts of mass violence. Less than two years ago, we experienced a mass shooting in an Aurora workplace that tragically killed five of our neighbors. This summer, a teenager from our community allegedly committed murder in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

“Targeted violence is an increasing threat to our workplaces, schools and places of worship; keeping our communities safe from violence of any kind is a top priority for me in Congress.

“Communities like ours typically don’t have access to the federal resources we need to protect ourselves from the threats of mass violence and domestic terror — the Safe Communities Act of 2020 seeks to correct this imbalance and deliver the resources communities like ours need.”

Congresswoman Lauren Underwood, Underwood for Congress 10/1/20 emphasis added


Underwood did three significant changes:

  • Rittenhouse went from alleged killer to “allegedly committed murder”
  • Underwood grouped the shootings in Kenosha, WI, on August 25 with the Henry Pratt Company mass shooting in Aurora in February of 2019
  • Grouped the two events as “targeted violence”, when the shootings in Kenosha were not targeted

In light of what Underwood said about Rittenhouse last month, and especially in yesterday’s press release, Malkin tweeted the following Thursday late afternoon:

The names on the tweet, in addition to Underwood are #Fightback Foundation’s leader Lin Wood, along with Marina Medvin and Ron Coleman. Additionally, attorney Todd McMurtry is working with Medvin and Coleman through #Fightback.

Lead defense attorney John M. Pierce is no longer part of #Fightback Foundation, but is being paid on the Rittenhouse case from #Fightback.

Whether Underwood and/or her campaign faces a defamation lawsuit remains to be seen.

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IL-14: Lauren Underwood Crosses the Line on Kyle Rittenhouse — 15 Comments

  1. If Loren wants to focus on targeted violence, she needs to look no further than Aurora, Waukegan, North Chicago and Zion.

    None of those cities are in her district. ☹️

  2. “The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those who speak it.”

    – George Orwell

  3. So this is how she would legislate in regards to self-defense!?

    We should all be very scared if she gets in again!


  4. Oberweiss needs to seize this opportunity but he’s been less than supportive of Kyle. If he really wants to beat Underwood and not just be controlled opposition now is the time!

  5. Instead of waiting for the slaughter of millions in the Deep State war to usher in NWO control of America, how ’bout Bill Barr put down the popcorn and do his job to shut down the criminal RICO racketeering Terrorist-Fuel MSM that spawned, nurtured, and now champion the BLM overthrow of America’s constitutional republic?

  6. Lauren doesn’t like men at all.

    Especially White men.

    Particularly straight White men who aren’t afraid to defend themselves from scum like her.

  7. John, if you want a Republican majority in the House then PLEASE tell Malkin to invite Oberweis/Ives/Davis on a stream or podcast.

    Oberweis needs a Hail Mary and Lauf has been a huge disappointment.

  8. Correcting, the one person who must help Jim Oberweis campaign the best is Jim Oberweis, and one can only think his team, as well as Ives’, are actively pursuing media appearances like you say.

    Davis is getting outside money support and Independent Expenditures TV commercials.

    Oberweis has a new ad video out (article up), but unknown right now if it’s on TV or simply a digital ad.

    As for Catalina Lauf, I genuinely hope whomever is mentoring her politically gets through to her the need to carry water for the elephants in her home district/state which is currently Woodstock, IL.

    Per my comment in another article, she did retweet Jim Oberweis’ first TV commercial yesterday to her 74K+ Twitter following, and took both Underwood and Casten to task at same time.

    That’s good now.

    She’s supposed to be doing minority outreach for the state GOP.

    Something she is meeting with limited success.

    If you have time, do me a favor, google up the 11 minute interview Lauf did on WILL this past week (published September 30), and tell us how you think she did.

  9. A few quick thoughts on it:

    1. It was good that she had some numbers, facts.

    2. Interview man cut her off on one of her stronger points (law and order).

    3. I agree with her that Republicans don’t even try to win the Hispanic vote, which could explain why Republicans do so much losing.

    4. I am curious what she sounds like speaking Spanish because she sounds whiter than me when she speaks. I’m wondering if she sounds like AOC/Peggy Hill.

    5. Republicans have a hallow message on COVID and health care. Republicans lose big on those. Her inability to articulate on those issues is not so much her failure as it is a failure of the entire Republican Party to talk about those issues. Millions of dollars pour into think tanks and communication specialists and their message is still garbage (and probably their plan is garbage too, at least on health care). Sad.

    6. She sounded polite, probably too polite.

    She’s good at keeping her cool. I’m viscerally disgusted by most Democrats and in general where society is.

    7. She let some of Castro’s points go without rebutting them.

    Not sure if she didn’t know how to respond or what.

    You can’t know everything about everything, and you don’t want to open your mouth and show yourself to be a fool, but letting things go unchecked is bad too.

    Tough spot to be in.

    I can’t be too hard on her for that.

    The interview reminded me again that she is not super impressive nor is she an airhead, and that she has potential.

    She could be useful in outreach, I think, but she is not yet at the point where she can defend herself against the top dogs of the Democratic Party.

    Overall, she stood her ground and did ok.

    Let me ask you something.

    Do you think Trump is really gaining ground with Hispanic voters like people are saying?

    If so, why do you think that is?

    (Any proof is also encouraged.)

  10. Hispanic Republicans


    23rd Ward GOP Committeeperson
    Jesus Solorio

    Jesus Solorio is running for Congressperson (R-4), against incumbent Jesus Garcia (D-4).

    38th Ward GOP Committeeperson
    Chuck Hernandez


    Cicero Township GOP Committeeperson
    Maria Moreno

    Former Officials

    Cicero Town President
    Ramiro Gonzalez (2003-2005)

    Frank Aguilar
    State Representative

    Frank Aguilar is now a Democratic Cook County Commissioner (2020-present).


  11. Eddie,

    On Jesus Solorio, who’s running for Congress in IL-04, he was appointed to the ticket in late June because the one Republican on the primary ballot passed away after petitions were filed.

    Solorio is the gentleman whom Catalina Lauf did the Illinois GOP podcast with back in August and was a strong supporter of Lauf’s during the primary, and he is a genuinely good man in very tough odds in Chicago

    Congressman Jesus Garcia is heavily favored to win a 2nd term, just on the demographics of IL-04 alone, and there has been no indication Solorio is gaining real traction.

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