Tuesday Robo-Call Goes Jim Kearns

One of McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks least favorite Board members, Jim Kearns, got attacked with this robo-call Tuesday:

Jim Kearns voted against the $15 million Valley High property tax rebate.

But he did vote in favor of creating a new tax of $20 on each cat in your household.

Kearns voted against a proposed county ethics ordinance which prohibited nepotism and sexual harassment.

Vote no on Jim Kearns for reelection to the county board.

Paid for by Me Too Illinois

Does anyone recognize the the name of the sponsor?

The Friend of McHenry County Blog noted that the same entity paid for the negative billboard about Jack Franks on Route 31 north of Route 14.

Take a look:

Billboard criticizing Jack Franks.

A reader has pointed out that #MeeTooIL is not an organization anyone knows about.

Could it be that someone on Jack Franks’s side is having fun?

Kearns, for those who don’t remember, was blamed by Franks for instigating the removal of Franks from the budgetary process and the setting of committee agendas.

= = = = =

Here’s another anti-Kearns robo-call from a group that I have never heard of:

The Algonquin Township Coalition enthusiastically endorses Jim Kearns for reelection to the county board.

Jim Kearns was both a township supervisor and county board member simultaneously.

Jim has fought for part time elected officials to receive full time healthcare benefits.

Jim has received over $50,000 in healthcare benefits for his work.

Jim has also fought for elected officials to get mileage reimbursements for commuting to the county building.

Jim Kearns is a tireless advocate for the rights of public officials and we ask that you support him on election day.

Paid for by the Algonquin Township Coalition.

Let’s again assume that one of Jack Frank’ supporters or Jack Franks himself devised the text.

  • Franks doubled dipped as State Representative and County Board Chairman himself.
  • Franks took mileage when he drove to Springfield.
  • Franks takes County health benefits even though, as a retired legislator receiving a $50,000+ pension, he could take state health insurance. This decision results in the state paying hi $159 a month.

= = = = =

What a coincidence a Friend of McHenry County Blog sent an 8 1/2 by 11 inch enlargement of the Jack Franks photo on the billboard. The letter said is was of the Doren Gray of McHenry County that exposes the individual for what he is.”

The source is said to WGN-TV from a May story by reporter Patrick Elwood with Franks implying he had some positive impact on Coronavirus guidelines locally.


Tuesday Robo-Call Goes Jim Kearns — 1 Comment

  1. Kearns should have Kearns voted against a proposed county ethics ordinance which prohibited nepotism and sexual harassment.

    It could have stopped FRANKS FROM VIOLATING ETHICS AND HIRING PATRONAGE WORKERS AND I GUESS NOTHING KEARNS COULD HAVE DONE ABOUT FRANKS ACTIONS IN SPRINGFIELD that caused the Speaker to mandate an escort for Franks whenever he was in the capital due to very serious accusation of criminal sexual assault, stalking and more.

    Hey Kearns, there’s YOUR rebuttal Robo-call.

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