The Ultimate Shunning of Jack Franks: Wife Files for Divorce

Have you noticed that only one candidate on the Democratic Party ballot is associating himself with McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks?

Have you noticed that very, very few Democratic Party households have Jack Franks signs next to others on the ticket they are supporting?


Because of its personal nature I was not going to run a story on Jack Franks’ wife’s having filed for divorce.

Divorce and bankruptcies of elected officials or candidates have not been subjects regularly covered by McHenry County Blog.

Then, I got this email from a woman I have known and respected since running for State Representative in 1972:

 just got a robocall with a message referring to Mike Buehlers inappropriate relationship with Shannon teresi.

the number on the caller ID was 224-577-0651 and the message ended that  the caller was me the me-too of Illinois.

I guess we knew this was going to start 

we’ll see where it goes

That did it.

Both Mike Buehler, the Republican McHenry County Board Chairman candidate, and McHenry County Auditor Shannon Teresi are happily married.

From the divorce papers filed by Deborah Franks in Cook County, Jack Franks apparently is not happily married.

No reason is given for the court action, but since the end of January, there has been plenty of news about Jack Franks’ troubles in Springfield. Here are two:

Deborah and Jack Franks at 2017 Crystal Lake Independence Day parade.

MeToo Illinois, by the way, is the name on the billboard on Route 31 just north of Route 14.

Billboard criticizing Jack Franks b y #MeTooIL.

Debbie Franks has been described by one political activist as “a good political wife,” actively helping in her husband’s campaigns.

Debby Franks and a son was collecting signatures at the Woodstock Square for her husband Jack Franks’ 2016 County Board Chairman petitions the day he was nominated by the County Central Committee.

In 2016, she even walked door-to-door in my Algonquin Township Precinct 7.

My guess is that activity will not be repeated.


The Ultimate Shunning of Jack Franks: Wife Files for Divorce — 20 Comments

  1. This accusation from 224-577-0651 me-too Illinois is typical of the Franks ‘truth-be-damned,’ ‘throw-anything-against-the-wall’ approach to the political process.

    Some people, when they run for office, such as Mike Buehler, as well as Shannon Teresi, try to rise above the reputation earned by so many politicians.

    Jack Franks is a swine who enjoys rolling in that political pigsh-t.

    In fact, he’s made a career out of it.

    It’s important to note that the investigation into Franks’ behavior refers to accusations from someone reported to be on his side of the political fence (i.e., no political motivation for the accusations) and that an investigation by Franks ally Michael Madigan found the accusations of sexual assault, sexual harassment, stalking … etc., “Credible.”

    Anyone who was watched Jack over the years knows that this kind of garbage (the false charges against his opponents) is entirely predictable, even the part where Jack is protected by the anonymity of the accusations he makes against others.

    There are a lot of good reasons to get this swine out of the chairman’s seat at the McHenry County Board. This merely reinforces the logic behind it.

  2. That will be an interesting splitting of assets.

    Wonder who gets the fat Illinois pension

  3. Guess his wife doesn’t believe him either.

    He also abuses women in elected capacities from Shannon Teresi, Glenda Miller, Leslie Schermerhorn, Carolyn Schofield, and Jeanne Ives to name a few.

    He should never hold public office!

    As a resident of Crystal Lake, I was disgusted with a letter obviously sent by Franks and Friends that auditor Teresi and candidate for County Board Chairman, Buehler were. somehow behaving inappropriately by ‘keeping a dirty little secret.’

    What is wrong with two Republicans participating in a 4th of July parade together.

    Franks is a scumbag!

  4. We’ve all noticed that the only politician on the ballot who’s associated with Frank’s is a screaming fag.

    They do say that birds of a feather flock together I wonder if this could have had anything to do with the divorce?

  5. Why did Mrs. Franks filevher divorce in Cook County, instead of McHenry County? 😐

  6. I hope Mrs Franks “takes him to the cleaners”, to borrow an old expression. Absolute low-life, pond-scum. Hope Herbie is a proud papa!

  7. Little Eddie’s mind is as confused as that of Sleepy Joe, which surprises
    no one reading this blog.
    Perhaps it’s past his nappy time, too.🥱

  8. DisHonestAbe1, you’re confused from your many arrests. It’s time to work on your broken record mind. 😮🤒

  9. @Eddie, perhaps so she “might” find a fair and impartial Judge who doesn’t “owe a solid.”

  10. In yesterday’s (10/25) Northwest Herald there was a letter to the editor from Debby Frank’s of Marengo titled “Supporting My Husband, Jack Franks”(

    If she filed for a divorce on August 17, why is she now sending a letter endorsing him and asking for people to vote for him?

    Did she actually write this letter or was it submitted by someone else using her name?

    Not that they will check into it, but it would be nice if the Northwest Herald would verify if Debby Franks actually sent the letter.

  11. Debbie Franks finally has herself to blame.

    She put up with it for 20 yrs!

  12. LIES and deceit .

    Franks is a failure.

    He runs the local newspaper.

    All his own desparate words!

  13. Franks is Unwelcome in Springfield

    Unwelcome in McHenry County

    Unwelcome at home.

    VOTE BUEHLER for County Board Chairman, a moral self-made businessman and LEADER!

  14. So many of you here still support an idiot president who has 26 sexual abuse allegations against him and you scream about it all being lies?

    Yet here you are …..casting stones at an unproven allegation that resulted in zero charges being filed?

    Shame on you all.

  15. Hey JTexxan, don’t know if you drink coffee, but ya awtta wake up and smell it!

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