Don Kounz Announces Candidacy for Mayor of Crystal Lake

From the Citizens to Elect Donald Kountz:


Today, Donald Kountz officially announced his campaign for Mayor of Crystal Lake, continuing his pre-campaign activities started by his filing for mayor November 16th, 2020.

Don Kountz

Crystal Lake is a city with over 40,000 residents and a budget of $125M.

Yet the elected leadership is silently struggling and Kountz is ready to help.

“Over the past four years, we have seen many examples where the Mayor and City Council does not put in their due diligence or ably direct the city staff to work with and communicate with other local governments.

“A vote for me is a vote for renewed leadership that looks out for the welfare and pocketbooks of all Crystal Lake residents and taxpayers.”

On July 7, 2020 the City Council approved a sole source no bid contract, for an estimated $141,000 for work that two years prior was budgeted at $53,600.

Neither the Mayor nor any of the City Council even question the increased cost being paid by the city residents.

Kountz’s previous work in contracts will make sure such contracts are properly bid and scrutinized.

When Kountz expressed his concerns, the Mayor didn’t even schedule a requested meeting.

In 2019 the City Council enacted a municipal tax on both electricity and natural gas to support the city’s budget needs.

The ordinance exempted school districts and other units of local government.

However, Crystal Lake city officials neglected to inform and coordinate with District 47, District 155, and McHenry County Government.

Since September 2019 the school districts are estimated to have paid together over $60,000 in invalid taxes to the City of Crystal Lake.

Through the leadership of Kountz, McHenry County received its money back after he personally reached out to the County Board.

This money should be going to educate our children and grandchildren and Kountz understands that until this is rectified, the school districts are going to continue paying utility taxes it shouldn’t.

The above examples show the importance of the City of Crystal Lake leadership being able to communicate with other units of local government.

Kountz has expressed similar concerns with communication between the current Mayor and City Council and the Crystal Lake Fire Department.

Why has it taken almost four years and the courts to resolve the Crystal Lake Foreign Fire Insurance suit?

The plaintiffs are Crystal Lake Fire Fighters protecting each and every resident every day 24/7.

Kountz believes issues like this are best resolved through honest face to face discussions and not through the courts and its open ended costs.

Don Kountz and his wife Linnea have lived in Crystal Lake since 1986.

They have two sons Erik and Brian.

Both attended Glacier Ridge, Lundahl and Crystal Lake South High School.

They are members of Bethany Lutheran Church.

Kountz has been an officer of his homeowners association since 2002, been a volunteer judge for FIRST competitions.

As the son of a steelworker and nurse, Kountz retired after 35 years from Northrop Grumman as Senior Director of Advanced Projects responsible for yearly sales in excess of $100M.

He graduated from Purdue University with a BS in Electrical Engineering.


Don Kounz Announces Candidacy for Mayor of Crystal Lake — 4 Comments

  1. He started out being a Shepley sycophant and Tryon protégée.

    Glad to see he’s apparently changed his tune.

    But I want to know his opinion on:

    1. BLM

    2. Lauren Underwitch

    3. Kyle Rittenhouse

  2. If he can get out the old trash that’s been laying around there for years i’m for him!!!

    100% if your in there to do the samo samo.. and only think of yourself don’t apply

  3. Yes, by all means fire the incompetent and inept City Manager.

    He was filling his pockets as Aaron Shepley’s butt boy and just a greasy looking turd in my humble opinion

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