Estimated McHenry County Salaries (Really, Total Compensation), Fiscal Year 2021, Ho-Jo

During the coming days, McHenry County Blog will publish total compensation estimates for County employees.

The figures include salary and fringe benefits including health insurance, uniform allowance, pension, etc.

Hooten,Linda A Family Violence Coordinator $23,086.85
Hoppe,Scott A Workforce Adult $7,800.00
Houghton,Clifton A Board of Review Mbr $30,765.28
Hoven,Ryan T Deputy – Union $127,773.68
Howard Jr,Raymond S Correctional Officer – Union $105,069.28
Howatt,Clare A Internal Audit Assoc $54,292.80
Howell,Maryellen G Veterinary Division Manager $102,736.04
Hoyne,Claire M Registered Nurse $75,461.76
Hudson,Ken E Assistant State’s Attorney $64,063.48
Huelsman,Christine Health Educator/Volunteer Coor $64,287.12
Huffman,Susana Law Librarian $40,131.00
Huicochea,Brittany Administrative Specialist III $58,723.10
Hulina,Daniel A Correctional Officer – Union $113,003.56
Hume,Natalie A Workforce Youth $6,240.00
Hunt,Chloe Env Health Practioner $42,822.00
Hunter,Erica P Public Health Nurse $41,990.48
Huntington,Hillary P Accountant II $74,051.74
Huntley,Kevin G Plans Examiner II $60,966.36
Iacullo,Christopher M Correctional Officer – Union $120,669.64
Ibanes,Elena Certified Nursing Asst I $7,776.29
Ippolito,Joanne M Assessment Specialist III $45,673.80
Irving,Jason Correctional Officer – Union $113,003.56
Islas Martinez,Jorge Interpreter $60,011.46
Iwanicki,Michael A Superintendent $92,568.18
Jablonski,Annette Licensure Officer $36,707.46
Jacobo,Vanessa I Certified Nursing Asst I $17,445.87
James,Craig H ETSB Operations Manager $93,010.48
Jamieson,Deborah S Administrative Specialist II $17,537.10
Jamieson,Regina A Court/Courtroom Spec II $33,598.50
Jandron,Rebecca L Accounting Assistant II $75,757.14
Jaraite,Inga Certified Nursing Asst I $42,016.01
Jasinski,Rachael Registry – CNA $3,774.31
Jaycox,Danny J Workforce Youth $5,200.00
Jazak,Brian J Deputy – Union $128,066.84
Jeeninga II,Timothy W Correctional Officer – Union $87,428.36
Jenkins,Margaret C. Senior Probation Officer $83,250.72
Jenkins,Thomas M Court Security – Non Union $3,505.00
Jensen,Connie R. Env Health Practioner $67,348.62
Jensen,Justin R Correctional Officer – Union $120,669.64
Johansen,Victoria L Cont/Grant Lifecycle Monitor $41,808.00
Johnson,Douglas E. Correctional Officer – Union $113,003.56
Johnson,Gabrielle A Merit Commission $3,900.00
Johnson,Joanne B Administrative Specialist I $9,957.48
Johnson,Kathryn M Administrative Specialist III $52,577.22
Johnson,Kerrie J Administrative Specialist III $46,590.30
Johnson,Kevin Workforce Youth $7,280.00
Johnson,Lysa K. Accounting Assistant II $47,448.30
Johnson,Rosalie M Activity Assistant $10,116.60
Jones,Christina M Correctional Officer – Union $91,966.00
Jones,Curtis A Corrections SGT $122,155.56


Estimated McHenry County Salaries (Really, Total Compensation), Fiscal Year 2021, Ho-Jo — 3 Comments

  1. Having observed the laziness of our local bureaucrats first hand, I find most of these salary/benefit figures disgustingly high.

    No wonder our tax rate is so high.

    Half these people can be fired——- without any effect on the poor service.

  2. This fellow is nothing but a janitor.

    He struck it rich on the taxpayers’ tit.

    But does he have ANY conscience?


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