Republicans Acting Badly

Republican County Board member in Shiawassee County, Michigan, voted themselves bonuses out of Federal Covid-19 largess.

Michigan Live reports,

Six top county officials had received $25,000 each from the American Rescue Plan funds, money that was designed to target low-income workers who were disproportionately impacted by the pandemic and essential workers who faced the greatest risk of exposure to coronavirus due to their work.

Shiawassee County Commission.

The County Commission has seven members, all Republicans.

Ordinary employees judge eligible received $1,000-$2,000.

In Illinois the Constitution prohibits the raising or lowering of elected officials compensation during their term of offic.e

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Republicans Acting Badly — 6 Comments

  1. In their defense Shiawassee has proven to be hard to pronounce and impossible to spell.

  2. Robert Beltran tried to raise the salaries of the McHenry Township stooges.

    Robert Beltran gets sued a lot by creditors.

    Robert Beltran is a BLM/Antifa pond scum slurper.

    What Beltran won’t highlight is that Jimmy Condon did a lot of freebie road repair for the Beltrans’ private Road.

    Fortunately Beltran won’t be around much longer to carp and kvetch.

    His porcine wife will be liberated.

  3. Just a level worse than the McHenry County Board giving the McHenry County Health Dept director who makes $132K a year a $9835 bonus out of the Federal Covid Grant for doing her job!!!!

    (actually for being a Gustapo and being responsible for the closure of so many small businesses in the county!)

    What the Hell is wrong with Republicans in this county.

    First the LGBT flag flies at the government building and now this!????

  4. I had a long talk with the very obese GOP honcho Wilke, a shyster who thinks he’s really a wiz.

    He is a gay rights agendaist and thinks the border is ‘quite secure.’

    When I said “You’re Mr. Looney Tunes.”

    He said, “Trump lost and you’re a loser too.”

    Very obese politicians cannot be trusted.

    This Wilke idiot is the GOP liquidator on McHenry Co.

  5. They’re just trying to implement Trump’s policies at the local level.

  6. Wiley, grow up.

    They are RINOs just like Reick and Althoff and McConchie.

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