Gubernatorial Candidate Paul Schimpf Coming to Barrington — 10 Comments

  1. Republican. Former IL senator.

    One who says we Republicans should ‘compromise’.

    No thanks!

  2. Paul Schimpf is an incumbent Republican state senator.

    Larry K ran as a Republican for some legislator position years ago.

    Tony C is running as a Republican for county sheriff.

    The other speaker is anti-CRT.

    Actually this a decent lineup — Paul is probably the weakest link.

    (Not sure about Allen Lynch but it sounds like he is not running for office.)

  3. Nob, this is a Paul Schimpf event.

    Gary has put out press releases that Cal has published.

    Why do you keep suggesting Gary is being thrown under the bus?

    Oh, yes, Lorna is right: Schimpf is actually a former state senator, not an incumbent.

    He left office earlier this year.

  4. Correcting is right, Schimpf the pimpf is the weakest link.

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