UPDATED: Gavin Newsom Cruises to Win as Voters Reject Recall

Gavin Newsom

Portend of things to come for 2022, especially in Illinois for both Governor JB Pritzker and Congressman Adam Kinzinger?

The polls for the last 2-3 weeks were right.

California Governor Gavin Newsom cruised to a big win as California voters rejected the recall by a 2-1 margin.

It was over early and it wasn’t even close.

In spite of high profile gaffes and foibles over the past year and a half, Governor Newsom surged from a statistical tie nearly two months ago in most polling to a big win, making me wonder if Illinois, very similar to California in Leftist policies plus a supermajority of Democrats in Springfield, will have similar results not only on November 8 of next year, but at the June 28 primary elections.

Yes, Newsom won in California and yes, anti recall efforts, including Newsom’s campaign organization spent over $70 million not only in TV advertising but to mask-up and get-out-the-vote.

And not only did the recall fizzle, so did the hopes of all the aspiring candidates wanting to replace Newsom had the recall been approved.

Given California’s significant use of vote-by-mail, the final count will not be known for 2-3 weeks, but the outcome won’t change, even if the margin narrows a little.

What will the overwhelming rejection of the recall mean for the 2022 elections, not only in California, but nationally, especially in Illinois where Governor Pritzker embraced most of Newsom’s policies to fight the pandemic, in spite of his own foibles like Newsom’s infamous French Laundry.

Lots of parallels. What do you all think? Let us know in comments.

UPDATEd returns from California Target Book:


UPDATED: Gavin Newsom Cruises to Win as Voters Reject Recall — 49 Comments

  1. Gov. Pritzger will get the credit for having kept Illinoisians relatively safe during the pandemic and not giving in to the crazy conspiracy crackpots, some of whom are dying of COVID as we speak.

  2. Oh cram it, BS! You’re the poor sod who believes that you don’t get Covid when you’re sitting down and masks work ( they don’t). These arbitrary rules have stolen many people’s wealth. Poverty kills too. NEVER AGAIN with this New World Order bullshit!

  3. The boxes will be stuffed if we don’t get a handle on the no excuse vote by mail scam. They will keep inventing MU-tations so they can justify more mail in votes all the way through 2024, just wait and see.

  4. BS proves yet again just how easy it is for the Leftist FAKE NEWS MEDIA
    to brainwash low I.Q. DEMOCRATS.

  5. Hooray for Because Science and Innocent Primate — the rest of y’all are screwed in the head.

  6. Going to a wake tonight for an outstanding local man.

    Guess what didn’t kill him?

    It wasn’t the media.

    It was COVID-19. Multiply that 600,000x and wonder why the rest of you knuckle-dragging anti-science guys are losing elections.

  7. RECOUNT!!! I saw people with more than one ballot in hands at them cheatin boxes … shown on TV.. just goes to show you how that STATE needs to just burn up, since the head of it could care less… useless babble out of his mouth… another one with no clue!! I see TEXAS getting bigger in population … as the ones with any brains leave …

  8. That proves it.

    Mass mail in voting must work.

    The idiot even said in his speech the people voted for freedom to choose and then said the people are pro-vaccine.

    At least we learned a new thing out of the recall.

    If you are a black man over 70 years old you can now identify as a white supremacist and any of the 59 genders these people believe in.

    Remember, liberals follow the science.


  9. The Democrat argument for 2022 is going to be that Democratic governors kept their populations as safe as humanly possible during the pandemic while Republican governors threw their people under the bus in service of a crazy ideology that had nothing to do with anything.

    Do you want to put people who are divorced from reality back in charge?

    That is what accounted for Newsome’s recovery from what had been a close race a few weeks back.

    Take heed Grand Old Party or you will be the Gone Old Party.

  10. Californians apparently are dumb as a sack of rocks. Democrat Governor has provided stupidity in management – rolling power brownouts, reckless and irresponsible forest management resulting in numerous forest wildfires, poor despondent people living on the sidewalks in tents and doing their number 2 duty in public places, etc.

    Have visited CA a number of times years ago. Would never go back there.

    More – CA is the home State of the wretched and evil Nancy Pelosi and pencil neck geek Adam Shi**. Adam is the guy who for months on end worked with the mostly left wing and Democrat shill media to promote the fake Russian Collusion nonsense re Trump.

  11. Pritzker will win. Probably not by as much as Newsom but it will still be a blowout.

  12. Man from McHenry County?

    If so, our total will be 302 Covid deaths.

  13. BTW: For those of you here who still want to deny the science of Evolution because it conflicts with a literal interpretation of a book written 3000 years ago by ignorant sheep herders who thought the earth was flat, look at the COVID mutations.

    These are occuring due to Natural Selection.

    Just like Darwin laid out.

    Those viruses that are better able to hang on and reproduce and spread more rapidly are increasing and supplanting the prior versions.

    Delta is now about 90% of the infections in the US.

    It literally didn’t exist a year ago.


    And so if you keep refusing to become vaccinated and wear masks indoors, there is going to be more evolution of this virus and it may become even worse and become a Never Ending Story for us all.

    Let us now return to your reality based channel.

  14. I got twenty bucks that says Because Science has ferns on the bookshelf, a box of green tea on the kitchen counter and a Your My National Treasure mug that he bought for himself.

  15. Hey BS, who invented the PCR test that you are claiming can tell you if you have the Delta variant?

    Does Kary Mullis ring a bell?

    He won the Nobel Peace prize for his work.

    He died in August 2019 after telling the world the PCR test does not detect Covid.

    You invoking Darwinism and slamming the Bible in one post is priceless.

    Add this one to the never ending list of trolls on this board.

    Who bought the patent to the Covid PCR test BS?

    Run to Google to get the truth son.

    Google will tell you the truth.

  16. The Toilet Bowl said:

    “RECOUNT!!! I saw people with more than one ballot in hands at them cheatin boxes … shown on TV..”

    Toilet Bowl, you do know Ballot Harvesting is legal in California which explains how voters can legally have more than one ballot in hands (provided that same voter didn’t vote more than one ballot).

  17. JT – Please provide the link to the story where Mullis says his PCR test DOESN’T detect Covid. Thanks!

  18. Page 4 NW Herald print edition byline today >>> Tirio Wants To Hire Armed Guard to Keep Staff Safe <<<<

    Why the hell do you need an armed guard Joe if the machines you force us to vote through are legit?

    Tell the truth Joe it will set you free and get you more respect.

    I am not condoning violence by this post.

  19. Another question:

    Why does the County Board need armed guards who check people coming when the Board is meeting?

  20. Tirio has shown he’s afraid of the taxpayers’ wrath.

    I will never vote for him again.


    Like so many pols, he promised one thing but does another.

    A disgrace, just like all of his predecessors.

    Another RINO.

  21. The Nobel Peace Prize has become a really bad joke.
    Luminaries such as Al Gore and Yasser Arafat have won that award.
    Barrack Hussein Obama won the Nobel Peace less then a year into his first term, before he had really done anything.
    Kary Mullis won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, which is, unlike the Nobel Peace Prize, a very prestigious award.

  22. Cal? Because they KNOW what they’ve done. If you had been THAT evil, don’t you think you would be overly cautious?

  23. Hey Cindy,

    Lighten up on Dianne. I had no problem providing her with my proof about Kary Mullis. Since someone asks for evidence it doesn’t make them a “dummie”. I’m surprise youtube still has that one out there.

    Why be so angry? I hope someone other than the normal trolls on this site, and not you Cindy, can prove to me the PCR tests that JB relies on for his “scientific” evidence to mask people and force vaccines on people actually works for Covid and now Delta and the the upcoming Mu variants.

    Here’s a hint. If I hold my breath I will die and the coroner will say I had Covid.

  24. Right now there are 9000 illegals under a bridge in Texas.

    The process centers are overwhelmed.

    The funny part is they crossed the Rio Grande and they aren’t from anywhere in central or South America.

    90% of them are Haitians.

    At least the Hispanics will work.

  25. Where was tranny Jenner’s total? I heard the trannies wouldn’t vote for him either.

  26. **Over 300,000 ballots**

    I know you think that this fits some narrative that you want it to fit, but do you know that vote totals on news channels are not the actual official vote totals?

  27. If the doctors would use medicines that actually work and not the FRAUDci protocols people would actually survive the flu , I mean cov .

    But people dying is their goal.

    Then you can push mail in ballots to steal elections, kill national economies , depopulate for the globalists , and more. This was a PLANdemic , it was not random.

    FRAUDci and others funded the Wuhan bio-weapon lab.

    I think in the coming weeks we will find out the truth.

    But in the meantime all you sheep get your triple jabs, boosters, wear three face diapers, and stay isolated in your closet.

  28. Perhaps the US Senate and Senator Rand Paul can get all the facts about Fauci’s involvement with China. Why did Fauci apparently fund, and work with(?), the Chinese Govt to develop deadly viruses? Also needed is a comprehensive study of all of the testimony given by Fauci to Congress since early 2020. He is supposed to be the top expert on virus in the US. He told a Senate committee in early March, 2020 that masks don’t work. Then he flip-flopped and is a proponent of masks. Many other issues to investigate. He appears to enjoy being a celebrity.

  29. I can’t wait till he gets beat by Jenner….hahahahaha… as his state burns around the babbling idiot…

    Texas Don’t Let this fool in your STATE…

  30. Diane, are you married to a troll that still believes google to get “factchecks”. Joke. Only speak when spoken to son.

  31. Ok thanks, totally not obsessed internet detective.

    Now tell me how many hotel cops nationwide, are after me for skipping out on their bar tabs?

  32. BS. LOL. Show me the data and death certificates.

    Cue theme from Jeopardy.

    Aren’t Harvard and Yale grads running the debacle in DC.

    So, Scott Becker founder of beckers hospital review, a guy from Harvard with a JD and BS in Acctg and Finance from U of I is now your bastion of truth.

    I don’t see a bit of medical training on his LinkedIn page yet you quote a tool of the left to support your delusional beliefs that Covid is real and going to kill you.

    “Healthcare transactional and regulatory law. Represent hospitals and hospital chains, surgery centers and surgery center chains, and health care companies.”

    Keep googling for the truth son.

  33. Cal, the security at the admin building beefed up after a bunch of nuns showed up to a county board meeting, disagreed with the board about a zoning issue, and the board got uncomfortable.

    It was probably only like 6-ish years ago that you could go to a county board meeting in McHenry County and get NO security check at all! (I call that “God’s way”) Front desk homie would just ask you what room you were looking for and then point you in the direction lol oh man bro those were the good days!!!

  34. I missed a key part of this.

    You asked how this relates to Kinzinger’s race.

    I would say not at all.

  35. Correcting:

    The “nuns” (their “priest” was excommunicated by the Cathoic Church as he was consecrated by the former Cardinal of South Vietnam who was the brother of asssinated President Ziem, and who was carted arouond Europe during his senility to consecrate people who wanted to be called “priests”.

    He also preached that he had direct communications regularly with the Virgin Mary),

    did more than just show up.

    They walked behind the board members’ desks and sprinkled “holy water” on all the chairs just before the meeting convened and members started arriving.

    This happened during the time that there were a number of shootings and bombings around the country by domestic terrorists, ricin and and antrax attacks, etc.

    So that was the concern and it went beyond the nuns.

    There were discussions on lining the walls in front of the member’s desks with Kevlar and building an escape door in the back.

    To be clear, this was never really a Catholic group.

    They were, and presumably still are, basically a cult following a messianic cult leader (but their cookies are yummy).

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