More Piraty Lyrics

These come from Pat Morris, long time political observer and activist.

They follow closely behind this verse set to the tune of the

“Lincoln Park Pirates.”

If you can compose some more, I would be grateful.

I’m a prose kind of guy.

Morris hasn’t come up with a tune to fit them, so maybe a reader can make a suitable decision.

It’s just a small lake
and it’s really too small
for a big pirate ship
so lethal that and tall.

But there it is
and sailing fast
with a “Shop Crystal Lake”
flying high on its mast.

And there’s Captain A.
He’s behind the wheel
chanting “raising the tax
is not a big deal.”

Just like a pirate,
he’s charming and slick.
And just like a pirate,
he’s ready to trick.

The innocent shopper
who made the mistake
of coming to shop
within Crystal Lake.

And now a new flag
is raised up on high.
It says, “We will bleed you
until you are dry.”

“Captain A” is, of course, Crystal Lake Mayor Aaron Shepley. The piracy referred to is his leading his council crew to increase the city sales tax by 75%.

Thanks to Allan Showalter, the “Heck of a Guy” blogster who lives even farther north of Crystal Lake than Morris, for the illustration of the pirate ship on Williams Street.

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