Another Verse to the Tune of Steve Goodman’s “Lincoln Park Pirates”

A friend of McHenry County Blog emailed a chorus about Mayor Aaron Shepley’s 75% sales tax hike, which I ran last week.

It’s set to the tune of Steve Goodman’s “Lincoln Park Pirates.”

Getting the mail last night, my son found an anonymous missive tucked in the wreath by our front door.

There are three verses, plus the previously published chorus. And, this time, a second part of the chorus has been added, personalized, so to speak.

You can have one a day.

The lights are still on in the Chambers tonight,
and the Council’s discussin’ the stores;
But the stores are all closin,’ and Dawson is dozin,’
And the mayor he’s counting the cars…
The shoppin’s all gone to Algonquin, he says.
Our tax base has been “Randallized;”
So round ’em up boys, we need to make noise.
Let’s raise the sales tax they cried…

“Singing, Ho Hey, Tax them away.
“The Crystal Lake Pirates are we.
“From Woodstock to Cary,
“There’s none that’s so scary.
“And we always collect our fee!”

So it’s way, hey, tax ’em away,
We need a new lake in our town.
Forget that guy Skinner,
We’ll eat him for dinner,
‘Cus no one can make us back down.

Well, my photo is on a wanted poster.

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