Message of the Day – Interplay

Who would have thought that I would see a “Message of the Day” on the way to our mailbox?

On a road the last traffic count found 6,500 vehicles a day.

More than on parts of the four-lane highway on the way to Western Illinois University, Route 67. (And, yes it sticks in my craw that there are four lane highways built where there are not 20,000 cars a day, while local state highways locally lie virtually abandoned—think pothole-ridden Route 31 between Crystal Lake and McHenry, which most assuredly should be a four-lane road.)

My son wanted to go to school early, but I saw some letters on the bench that needed mailing on Thursday. It was about 8:25 when I walked down the steps to Lake Avenue.

And, this is what I saw.

Sunlight shining on and through what I think are red oak leaves.

Simply stunning.

Look closely and you will see a huge semi loaded with sandstone or limestone heading to some landscaping job.

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