Newspaper Endorsements

From the Northwest Herald:

United States President – John McCain


8th District – Melissa Bean

16th – Don Manzullo

State Senate 26th District – Dan Duffy

State Representative

52nd District – Mark Beaubien Jr.

64th District – Michael Tryon

Countywide Office:

McHenry County State’s Attorney – Louis Bianchi

McHenry County Coroner – Marlene Lantz

McHenry County Auditor – Pamela Palmer

McHenry County Board:

District 1 – Marc Munaretto, Robert “Bob” Bless

District 2 – James Heisler, Anita Harmon

District 3 – Nick Provenzano, Mary Donner

District 4 – John Hammerand, Sue Draffkorn

District 5 – John P. Jung Jr., Paula Yensen

District 6 – Randall Donley, Robert Ludwig


Constitutional Convention: Yes

Cary Park District: Yes

Harvard District 50: Yes

Huntley Area Public Library District: No

McHenry Public Library District: No

= = = = =

From the Daily Herald:

President – Barack Obama (D)

U.S. Senate – Dick Durbin* (D)


8th – Melissa Bean (D)*
16th – Don Manzullo (R)*

State Senate Dist. 26 – Dan M. Duffy (R)
State Representative

District 52 – Mark Beaubien (R)*
District 64 – Michael Tryon (R)*

Countywide office:

State’s Attorney – Lou Bianchi (R)*

Coroner – Marlene Lantz (R)*

Auditor – Pam Palmer (R)*

McHenry County Board:

District 1 – Robert “Bob” Bless (R). No endorsement for second seat.

District 2 – Jim Heisler (R)* and Anita Harmon (D)

District 3 – Mary Donner (R)* and Nick Provenzano (R)*

District 5 – Virginia Peschke (R)* and John Jung (R)*

District 6 – Robert Ludwig (D) and Randall Donley (R)*


Algonquin-Lake in the Hills Fire Protection – Should the district increase the number of fire trustees to five? – No.

Cary Park District – Should the district sell 87 acres in Hoffman Park to help pay for a sport center at Cary-Grove Park? – Yes.

Harper College – Should the college borrow $153.6 million as part of a $330 million repair, renovation and new building program? – Yes.

Huntley Area Public Library – Should the district increase taxes to issue about $9.5 million in bonds to build an addition to the library? – Yes.

Illinois – Should the state conduct a constitutional convention? – No.

= = = = =

The Chicago Tribune endorsed all the Republicans running for countywide office. No county board candidates were endorsed this year.

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