Young Chinese Leaders Come to Crystal Lake and Woodstock – Part 7

The American Council of Young Political Leaders (ACYPL) exchange delegation from China finished their tour of the Apple Creek Estates town homes and I convinced them they would not be late for their train, even if we went to see the Lucas Road detached family home models.

After looking one model, some went back to the visitors center while others toured another model.

Two decided to go outside by the drainage pond.

Unlike the one behind the town homes, which was complete unlandscaped, this one had some yellow flowers at one end.  Maybe they were wild flowers.

Having seen enough in the background you can see two delegation members returning to the visitors center.

The deputy chief of staff of the government of Tibet, however, convinced a female colleague to allow him to take some photos of her in front of the drainage pond.

She struck this pose and I told her she looked just like a movie star.

Note the yellow flowers at the edge of the drainage pond, which is otherwise surrounded pretty much by weeds.

When the photo shot was completed it was off to the bus. A number of the visitors were nervous that we would not arrive in time.

We were in plenty of time. The train had not arrived.

The party waved good-bye as the bus took me home.

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