Mid-Year Comparison: Mike Mahon-$21,000 vs. Keith Nygren-$73,000

Mike Mahon, candidate for McHenry County Sheriff, undoubtedly has the biggest campaign war chest of any challenger for McHenry County office.

Equally undoubtedly, he will need it, because he is running against incumbent Sheriff Keith Nygren, who historically has had the biggest campaign fund in the county.

Nygren reports $73,000 left of $123,000 he had a month before the early February primary election in which he defeated Republican challenger Zane Seipler.

Nygren spent $53,000 during the first half of the year.

Mahon, however, did out raise Nygren during the last six months.

Mahon pulled in $23,000, while Nygren less than $3,700 was contributed to the Republican Sheriff.

McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren and wife Marge worked the McHenry Fiesta Days Parade.

Nygren’s contributors of more than $150 were

  • $1,500 – Pork King Packing Inc., Marengo
  • $1,000 – Richard J. Klarchek, Founder – Chairman, Capital First Realty, Chicago
  • $500 – International Union of Operating Engineers, Local 150, Countryside
  • $250 – Clifford Law Offices, Chicago

All were made before or just after the primary election in early February.  Nygren, of course, is capable of raising plenty of money.

Mike Mahon reaches out to boy's father at Crystal Lake's Indpendence Day Parade.

Mahon had a more active fund raising effort during the first six months of 2010. His 17 reportable (over $150) contributors follow:

  • $10,000 – Kevin Van Eekeren, Self Employed, Flossmoor
  • $750 – Chicago Event Management, Chicago
  • $500 – Nick Colabufo, Berwyn
  • $500 – Theresa Gembara, Palos Hills
  • $500 – Marie Mahon, Chicago
  • $300 – Michael La Coco, Jr., Chicago
  • $300 – Sharon Ranzino, Marengo
  • $225 – Mary Ann Huels, Chicago
  • $250 – Frank Kling, Woodstock
  • $225 – William Mahon, Chicago
  • $200 – Hazel Colabufo, Berwyn
  • $200 – Howard Pizer, Chicago
  • $200 – Robert Schlenkert, Woodstock
  • $200 – Richard Witney, Chicago
  • $160 – Daniel Moreci, Park Ridge
  • $160 – Colleen Mulcahy, Chicago

Missing from Mahon’s contributor list was State Rep. Jack Franks. Keith Nygren’s name was listed on Franks’ last fund raising invitation.


Mid-Year Comparison: Mike Mahon-$21,000 vs. Keith Nygren-$73,000 — 8 Comments

  1. Money won’t win this election – not this time. Dissatisfied with the whole Nygren drama, the voters will decide at the polls that it is time to dump Nygren, who has milked the taxpayers of this county for too long. When politicians are voted out of office and citizen-soldiers are voted in, that is when we might begin to regain control of this faltering Republic. The 16,000 votes cast for Nygren in the primary cost him dearly. Seipler had (lets round it off) 7,000. The UNDERVOTE on the Republican side was about 8,000. Unopposed, Mahon got 7,000. If that scenario is repeated, if the undervote and the Seipler supporters go for Mahon, Mahon would win the general election more than 30%. November 2 is still a long way off, and much can, and will happen to awaken voters, energize voters and motivate voters to make the change in the Sheriff’s department that McHenry County must have. I am still intrigued to learn what Keith Nygren is hiding in his past, before he became Sheriff, before Crystal Lake.
    But then, Keith also has a few bones in the closet for current analysis. I’m for making a change, just to clean the house. Nygren out – Mahon in.

  2. One of Boss Hogg’s contributors is “Pork King”. Sorry, to me that’s funny.

  3. If the “Pork King” would have supported me, it would have doubled my campaign fund and I could have bought ten more signs. I need to make new friends.

  4. Zane: But you have your integrity. I was proud to have your sign in the front yard.

  5. Paul, I was too. Still proud of what he is doing. Someone to finally take a stand.

  6. I was informed this evening that there is a new blog out here.


    This will be interesting to monitor. I can only hope Mahon will get more funds and more supporters in the coming weeks. The ‘dirty tricks’ are about to begin. But let’s remember – it’s not the $, its the votes. Money is certainly a necessity, but it is the votes that are counted, in the end. You can’t buy an election in McHenry – oh, wait, yes, you can. All the more reason to get out the vote!

  7. If Keith Nygren is boss hog then does that make the under sheriff the bubbling moron side kick who keep driving the squad car into the lake?

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