State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi’s 2012 Fund Raiser a Sell-Out

Last year’s fund raiserfrom McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi was a victory celebration. It was also the day he announced his candidacy for a third term in office. It came within days after his second criminal case was dismissed … Continue reading

Bianchi’s Big Donors

Thursday night, McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi announced his candidacy for a third four-year term. Distributed was “A Special Thanks to all of our Sponsors” leaflet.  It contained a list of contributors of $250 or more. Two people gave … Continue reading

Mahon Decries “Grudge Match” Against Employees like Zane Seipler

Mike Mahon, who is facing off against McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren has issued the following press release: NYGREN’S LEGAL GRUDGE MATCHES AGAINST EMPLOYEES COSTING TAXPAYERS HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS News that McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren will appeal a court … Continue reading

Zingers Fly as Sheriff’s Candidates Face Off

By the zingers that flew between McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren and his Democratic opponent Mike Mahon, you could be excused for thinking there was a real contest going on. In the last debate, the one in which the incumbent … Continue reading

2nd Sheriff’s Debate Tonight, County Clerk’s, Too

While it will be interesting to listen to the three Sheriff’s and two Clerk’s candidates debate tonight at 7 at McHenry County College’s Conference Center, most media types will probably be watching whether sponsor McHenry County League of Women Voters … Continue reading

Navy Cuts Brig Deal with McHenry County Sheriff

In his campaign to unseat McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren, Mike Mahon outlined $1 million in cuts he proposed for the department’s budget. In reply at the McHenry County TEA Party’s forum, Nygren said he would not lay anyone off, … Continue reading

Mahon Questions Nygren Use of Emergency Notice Mechanism for Jail Cook Press Release

A press release from candidate for McHenry County Sheriff Mike Mahon: MAHON QUESTIONS “EMERGENCY” PUBLIC RELATIONS BULLETIN McHenry County Sheriff’s candidate Mike Mahon reacted strongly Friday to Thursday’s announcement of a new jail training program that was broadcast over an … Continue reading

The Abortion Stands of Local Candidates, According to Those Favoring No Limits on the Operation

Does the headline shock you? Could it be that anyone wants to allow a baby to be aborted the day before its due date? That’s the law now in Illinois and Personal PAC doesn’t want any limitations on current law. … Continue reading

Article on Candidates’ Forum Gets Suppression Treatment on NW Herald Web Site

One of the more prolific commenters on McHenry County Blog is “Earth Mother.” Today, she posted the following: You gotta love that Northwest Herald. They had new article in yesterday’s paper about the MCC Forum. Nygren makes a stupid comment … Continue reading

Tribune Endorses Schultz, Mahon and Graham

In times past the Chicago Tribune endorsed down to the County Board level. No more. This year, just those running for countywide office and judicial posts (some of which are now smaller than countywide) are endorsed in the collar counties). … Continue reading

Front Page Coverage of McHenry County Parades

Who would have ever thought that how public officials parade in McHenry County would become big news? The same Chicago Tribune reporter, Robert McCoppen, who wrote the article on the fight between the forces grouped behind Sheriff Keith Nygren and … Continue reading