Final Words from Linda Moore’s Attorney – Part 5

Click on the image to see Trustees Betty Zirk's and Rob LaPorta's signatures on this Forensicon contract.

Bills Grafton Township Supervisor Linda Moore had refrained from paying at the advice of her attorney John Nelson is the topic of the next section.

Who hasn’t been paid?

Here are the ones listed in the brief:

  • $19,880.31 – Forensicon (incurred by Ancel Glink and Trustees Betty Zirk and Rob LaPorta)
  • $4,318.75 – “billed by an architectural firm for work purportedly done in March or April of 2009. When documentation was requested of what the work was for Supervisor Moore received no response.”
  • $2,695.31 – Mismailing, Inc. (Incurred by Township Administrator Pam Fender to send out 7,097 post cards to residents inviting them to attend the annual meeting)
  • $1,886.0 – Matuszewich, Kelly and McKeever LLP billed June 14, 2010 for work done from Sept. 2009 through March 2010. “This firm was terminated by Supervisor Moore in May of 2009, but apparently engaged by Ancel, Glink for work done on the litigation they had previously been involved in.”
  • $1,330 – (Incurred by Township Administrator Pam Fender on June 1, 2010 for resolutions, posters and 669 unused pink voting pads for the annual meeting.)
  • $510 – Point of Video, Inc. (Incurred by Township Administrator Pam Fender for recording the April 8, 2010 regular and April 13, 2010, annual meeting.)
  • $380.74 – Elgin Key and Lock (Engaged by Trustee Betty Zirk)
  • $312.06 – Stamps, treats, sound system, etc.
  • $280 – Q and A Reporting (Incurred by Township Administrator Pam Fender for a transcript of a 3½ hours board meeting. “Ms. Fender retains the transcripts, if any.”)
  • $150 – Leading IT Solutions (Engaged by “alleged” Township Administrator Pam Fender)

“The supervisor believes these bills are not proper and should not be paid for with Grafton Township tax dollars. The supervisor will do so if the Court orders.”

More tomorrow.


Final Words from Linda Moore’s Attorney – Part 5 — 2 Comments

  1. There wouldn’t be a Forensicon bill at all had the Supervisor not wiped out the computer system. Duh!

  2. How do you know the supervisor’s computer was “wiped out”?

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