The Joe Walsh Weekly Report

This is what the Joe Walsh for Congress campaign has sent to those on its email lits:

Catch Us if You Can

Not very likely is it?

The attacks have begun.

Remember that Joe warned us we would have to be strong; not take our eyes off the prize. The incumbent is worried now!

We are still tied in the polls at 20 days out.

She has sent two pieces through the mail this week and has bought a “Broadcast Package” costing big $$$$$$$$$.

Tomorrow there will be “canvassing” all over Lake County by the Bean Team. They are meeting at 10am and 2pm at the Bean Field Office in Wauconda, the Antioch High School and the Fremont Library.

Will we see them out and about?

If you make a sighting, capture it on your phone and tag it on Face Book and Twitter.

GOP National Committee Chairman Michael Steele signs Joe Walsh's horse trailer in Palatine Thursday night. (Photo by Ryan Provenzano.)

Last night the RNC Fire Pelosi Bus Tour stopped in Palatine! We had more than 200 waiting for the “Big Red Bus” with RNC Chairman Michael Steele onboard!

He signed the trailer and did not leave until everyone had an opportunity to speak with him and take a picture! He even signed Claudia Branson and Joe Ptak’s signs when asked. Whooo Hooo!

OK, down to work.

We have three (3) weekends left to bring our message to the people.

While there will be the usual Saturday Surge we all need to get out and walk our neighborhoods.

The office will be open tomorrow from 10am to 4pm and Sunday from Noon to 4pm.

Stop in and pick up walk sheets, signs, literature and bumper stickers.

While it is not necessary, if you call ahead (847-752-8155), your walk sheets will be ready for you when you arrive. Be sure you know your Township and Precinct number when you call.

Leave your name and cell phone number with us and Joe will try to catch up with as many of you as he can. If we have a number to reach you with, Joe will call you to find out exactly where you are and meet up with you to walk and talk to your neighbors.

By the way, as you talk to people, if you find that someone needs a ride to the polls either now or on November 2nd please let me know; we will make certain they get the assistance they need.

It’s been a long time coming. You have been in training all summer and now the Big Day is around the corner!

We are ready! This one is ours!

We are taking back our District and our Country and no one can stop us! Let me know what you need help with.

I will make certain you get whatever you need. Joe probably will not give me the train schedule till Sunday so watch your email for next week’s events.

Joe will be at another debate Sunday afternoon in Barrington after a candidate forum at Lake Barrington Shores.

The debate is at Langendorf Park, 235 Lions Drive, Barrington. Meet and Greet at 3pm followed by the debate at 4pm. Let’s have another HUGE showing for Joe! Y’all come.

At your service,


Marianne Bailey
Volunteer Coordinator

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