Althoff Goes with Com Ed, Duffy Doesn’t & Com Ed/Ameren Rate Hike “Trailer” Bill Senate Roll Call

Here’s the roll call for the so-called trailer bill that supposed to make the Com Ed/Ameren rate hike bill better.

The roll call for House Bill 3036, the so-called Com Ed/Ameren rate hike trailer bill.

Governor Pat Quinn says there's no way to imrprove the smell of the Com Ed/Ameren rate hike bill.

Governor Pat Quinn, who cut some of his community organizing teeth creating the Citizens Utility Board, doesn’t agree that it is enough of an improvement.

I found this press release from State Senator Shane Cultra, who voted against the bill:

SPRINGFIELD, IL State Sen. Shane Cultra (R-Onarga) offered comments on House Bill 3036, which was designated as a trailer bill containing “so-called” consumer protections to the controversial “smart grid” legislation vetoed by Gov. Pat Quinn this fall.

“I voted against the legislation because I am not comfortable with the level of assurances that have been offered up by the utility providers,” Cultra said. “Illinois citizens have been socked with massive tax increases and it is not a time to send them an additional charge on their Ameren or ComEd bill courtesy of the Illinois General Assembly.”

Senator Cultra does not plan on voting to override the veto, citing a need to protect consumers.

Little wonder that supporters don’t want their constituents to know how they voted.

And speaking of that, I can’t find a Senate roll call on SB 1652, the main electricity rate hike bill.

The Governor’s veto was overridden 37-20.

No veto overrid vote, which passed about 2:20 this afternoon, had been posted as of 10 PM. Just morning papers won't be able to run a roll call on the electricity rate hike bill.

Jack Franks has announced he will vote for the electricity rate hike bill, according to ABC's Charles Thomas.

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