IMA Poll Shows McSweeney Leading Gaffney

Kent Gaffney

Dave McSweeney

Word from the Illinois Manufacturers Association is that challenger Dave McSweeney is doing quite well in the race to see who gets the first full term after State Rep. Mark Beaubien’s death.

Beaubien was replaced by the man who had been Beaubien’s chief budget guy in the Illinois House, Kent Gaffney.

A third candidate, Danielle Rowe, is also on the ballot.

The poll results follow:

  • 47% – Dave McSweeney
  • 32% – Kent Gaffney
  • 21% – Danielle Rowe


IMA Poll Shows McSweeney Leading Gaffney — 3 Comments

  1. 100% of the voters in the district are decided in the race and 0% are undecided? Doubt that.

    And didn’t McSweeney put out a poll he was at 47% ONE MONTH AGO?

  2. THE IMA poll is designed deliberately to force people to make a decision…just as the official ballot.

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