Dee Beaubien Announces Republican, Democrat and “Community Leader” Backers

So far, Independent candidate for State Rep. Dee Beaubien, challenging Dave McSweeney, the man who won the right to wear the GOP label by winning a three-way primary, isn’t sending McHenry County Blog her press releases.

The one you read below came through the backdoor, so to speak. It is printed as it was received.


Former Lt. Gov. Corinne Wood Among Endorsements

(BARRINGTON, IL) – Dee Beaubien is receiving support from both sides of the political aisle in her bid to win election as an Independent to the Illinois House of Representatives.

“It’s time we put an end to partisan politics in Springfield and do what is best for Illinois,” Beaubien said. “I’m running as an Independent because I’ll work with both Republicans and Democrats to do what is right for our community. The only way we can solve our problems is working together.”

Beaubien is hearing the same sentiment from residents as she goes door to door throughout the district. People want their elected officials to stop thinking about their political careers and instead tackle the problems that are plaguing Illinois.

Beaubien’s run as an Independent who puts people first is an extension of her work in the community for the last 40 years. She has served as a family counselor and mental health professional in addition to her volunteer efforts. Beaubien is the Board Chair and Trustee for Hospice of Northeastern Illinois and serves as an Advisory Board Member for both the Barrington Area Council on Aging and the Barrington Youth Services.

“Holding elected office is about serving the public and putting people first,” Beaubien said. “My late husband Mark believed this and served the community in the same way. Sometimes that means you have to miss a family function to attend an event in the district. That is what being an elected official is supposed to be about, putting the needs of the public first.”

Beaubien’s disgust with the political culture in Springfield and her call that everyone needs to work together regardless of political party to solve the state’s problems has brought her a diverse group of supporters from across the political spectrum.

Today, Beaubien announced the creation of ‘Republicans for Beaubien’ Chaired by former Lt. Governor Corinne Wood, ‘Democrats for Beaubien’ Chaired by State Representative Elaine Nekritz and ‘Community Leaders for Beaubien’ Chaired by Vince and Pat Foglia.

The founding members of ‘Republicans for Beaubien’ are:

  • Former Lt. Governor Corinne Wood – Honorary Chairwoman
  • State Representative Rosemary Mulligan
  • Former State Representative Suzie Bassi
  • Former State Representative Gwen Klingler
  • Former State Representative Carolyn Krause
  • Former State Representative Beth Coulson
  • Former State Representative Pat Lindner
  • Former State Representative Rosemary Kurtz
  • McHenry County Board Member Donna Kurtz, District 2
  • Lake County Board Member Stevenson Mountsier, District 17
  • Grant Township Supervisor Kay Starostovic
  • Cuba Township Trustee John C. ‘Jack’ Mumaw
  • Cuba Township Trustee Arthur L. Rice III
  • North Barrington Trustee Lawrence Jay ‘Lawrie’ Weiner, also former President of the Barrington Area Library Board of Trustees
  • Marcena W. Love

The founding members of ‘Democrats for Beaubien’ are:

  • State Representative Elaine Nekritz – Honorary Chair
  • State Senator and Lake County Democratic Chairman Terry Link
  • McHenry County Democratic Chairman Mike Bissett
  • Kane County Democratic Chairman Mark Guethle
  • McHenry County Board Member Paula Yensen, District 5
  • Lake County Democratic Party Vice President Wendy Warden
  • Terri P. Tepper

The founding members of ‘Community Leaders for Beaubien’ are:

  • Vince Foglia, Chairman and CEO of Sage Products, and Pat Foglia – Honorary Chairs Vinnie Foglia, VP of Operations, Sage Products
  • Tom Liebman, Coilcraft
  • Kathleeen M. Leitner, Independent and President, Village of Tower Lakes
  • Judy Armstrong, Independent and Village Trustee, Round Lake Beach
  • John Dawson, Independent and former candidate for 8th Congressional District
  • Harry and Pat Tichnor
  • Peg Cullen & Bob Tikwort
  • Jim Lancaster
  • William and Dyllis Braithwaite
  • Elizabeth Raseman
  • Larry Waco, Sr., President, Board of Directors, Mano-A-Mano Family Research Center


Dee Beaubien Announces Republican, Democrat and “Community Leader” Backers — 7 Comments

  1. Would the Kurtz’ have supported Gaffney had he beaten McSweeney?

    I doubt it.

    No more Kurtz’ for me, all they care about are abortions and women’s rights.

  2. As a Gaffney supporter in the primary I can tell you that McSweeney and his operation are top notch.

    He is not going to lose this election.

    As a betting man I will take a guess that this election will be pretty interesting to watch.

    Lots of money to put out all sorts of paid media.

    Unfortunately for the Republicans there will be a ton of “Republican” money put into a safe seat.

    I just can’t think that Rep. Mark Beaubien would have wanted this.

  3. I thought Gaffney was one of the best candidates the Repubs had chosen in years and his credentials were by far the best….no way I would have voted for McSweeney, but now I will strongly support David.

    e has walked the walk and Dee has deserted the Republican banner.

    Shame on her, her late husband must be rolling in his grave.

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