Vice Presidential Debate Watching Party at CL GOP Headquarters Tuesday Night

Right down from Joseph’s Market in the Crystal Lake Plaza, you’ll see a building without a sign on top, but with lots of politic signs in the windows. That’s the fall campaign headquarters for the McHenry County Republican Party.

The McHenry County Republican Party invites folks to view the Paul Ryan-Joe Biden television debate at the fall campaign headquarters in the Crystal Lake Plaza.

“You are invited to our second in a series of debate watching parties this Thursday, October 11th, from 7:00 – 10:00 PM at the Republican Campaign Headquarters,” an email advises.

“For those of you that joined us to watch the ‘smack down”‘at The Cottage, you know what a fun and enthusiastic crowd we had.

“The Campaign Headquarters is a much larger venue and should be able to accommodate a much larger crowd with seating and room to maneuver.”

“he party will be held Thursday, October 11 from¬† 7:00 – 10:00 PM.

“The address is 22 Crystal Lake Plaza, but it can best be found by finding Joseph’s Market.¬† It is a couple of stores west.

“Food and beverages will be provided; donations accepted.

“We will have seating for 150+, so come on out and join other Romney-Ryan supporters for what promises to be an entertaining evening,” an announcement said.

The debate starts at 8:00 and will be shown on a large screen.

“Don’t forget to mark your calendars for the next debate party which will be held on Tuesday, October 16th at the Corkscrew Bistro in McHenry,” an email advised.


Vice Presidential Debate Watching Party at CL GOP Headquarters Tuesday Night — 4 Comments

  1. “Smackdown”?

    There is no bigger Romney supporter on this blog than me.

    But you guys in a support role better knock this prideful crap off.

    Obama is still a polished speaker, has the mainstream media on his side, a money advantage, the power of the incumbency and Mitt’s own history of gaffes on his side.

    There are still four weeks before the election. Great performance by Mitt, no doubt. Enhanced by an overconfident Obama.

    I appreciate your attempt to get your faithful fired up, but walk the walk before you talk the talk. Besides, local GOP:

    1. Mitt ain’t winning Illinois

    2. Your goal should be to elect local Republican candidates, yet your local chairman won’t put anyone up against Jack Franks

    3. Mike Madigan is our local bad guy; any time that someone other than McSweeney (and Andrew Gasser) want to point that out, please do so.

    I honestly can’t guarantee that other than Romney and Karen McConnaughey that I am voting for another Republican on the ballot. Local GOP, you really might want to shore up your base.

  2. Hey Paul, I was once told by an elected politician that he couldn’t take controversial statements or write letters to the editor because he was an elected leader.

    I’ve found that people in leadership positions flock to the two extremes: They either cry wolf so often they aren’t taken seriously or they look the other way when their buddies violate the public trust.

    It’s always a good time to criticize Madigan (he’s given us a lot of problems over the last 40 years), but we also have to call out our own from time to time too!

  3. Allen: If he’s not willing to take a public stand, he’s not much of a leader. That’s our local problem now.

    The tone of the press release shows an arrogance that is not yet justified.

    The actions (not running anybody against Franks as one example) shows hypocrisy.

    And then these people want me to vote for them?

    On my own after I moved here, I walked a couiple of our blocks for Carolyn Schofield and talked to neighbors and friends for her, Ralph Dawson and Jeff Thorsen.

    All three want to bring de facto legalizaition of pot to Crystal Lake now.

    I can tell you that while Thorsen earns my support still for some of his other stands, the others can forget it.

    And I am holding as many conversations and emails as I can about what these others are up to.

    Calling yourself a conservative or a public servant doesn’t necessarily make you one.

    At least they are not servivng whiskey tonight.

    Are they?

    Tryon and the crew need to remember: Pride goeth before the fall.

  4. What’s up with you guys? Afraid of some free speech?

    Otherwise, why did someone steal my Obama signs?

    Or did someone have their job outsourced by Bain Capital, and need the bounty for it?


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