Pam Althoff Goes after “Do Not Call” Registry Violators

Pam Althoff

Pam Althoff

A press release from State Senator Pam Althoff:

Legislation to help deter telemarketers from calling ‘Do Not Call Registry’ numbers

SPRINGFIELD, IL – State Sen. Pamela Althoff (R-Crystal Lake) says legislation she passed on April 25 aims to help residents obtain some relief from unwanted telemarketing calls at their homes.

The same day, the Northwest Herald published a story about the frustrations people have with unwanted phone calls in the evening when they are trying to unwind from the day, eat dinner, or put children to sleep.

Even though people are placed on the Do Not Call Registry, some telemarketers are still able to call residents due to some federal and state laws.

Althoff’s measure, Senate Bill 2136, enhances penalties for telemarketers who are openly breaking the state and federal laws by calling cell phones and persons on the do not call registry list.

Consumers will be entitled to statutory damages of up to $500 for each founded violation by telemarketers.

The legislation now moves to the House for consideration before going to the Governor to sign into law.


Pam Althoff Goes after “Do Not Call” Registry Violators — 7 Comments

  1. As a former salesman, I object to the existence of the Do Not Call Registry. This country was built on the free enterprise system. Forty years ago I telephoned prospective clients/customers for appointments.

    People eat at different times. So what? If you are eating dinner, let the call to voicemail. Big deal. The “OMG, what if it’s an emergency?” is a weak excuse. When was the last time someone got an emergency call during dinner time?

    A salesman is trying to attract your business, not drive you away. You might even find yourself interested in what s/he is selling. If not, thank the caller and hang up. Or turn it around and find out if they are a prospect for whatever you are selling (or your spouse is selling). If they won’t stop talking then, just hang up.

  2. It’s great that you used to be a salesman, Gus. That gives you and your company to waste my time? I can read a newspaper, check ads in the paper, watch commercials on television (advertising pays for the program so I get something for the drone of the commercials). That does NOT mean that I want somebody calling me between 8AM and 9PM or more outlandish times before the government started doing something about the complaints.

    That’s another thing, do you think the DNC list came about because twenty or thirty folks felt as I do? Not hardly. People were sick and tired of salescalls on THEIR phone, on their time, and, when to a cellular phone – ON THEIR DIME.

    Any politician or charity that calls me to solicit business automatically goes on my black list. They will never get a vote, never get a dime. Same goes for the clowns soliciting sales. I’ll do without or find another provider before I’ll give them my business.

    The damn Robocalls disturb me no matter what time of the day they arrive. I have to stop what I’m doing to answer the damn thing and 95 times out of 100 the sales clown has gone onto another caller and I have dead air.

    I especially love the charity or political clowns who, when told I am on the DNC list, tell me that the law doesn’t apply to them. That when I roll out some of the better words and phrases taught me at government expense in the military.

    At least with most junk e-mails you can filter them out or screw with them and their internet providers if you know what you’re doing. I find that a whistle still works well when one of the sales idiots calls despite my being on the DNC list.

  3. That kind of calling is extremely irritating, Gus.

    Think of people that are not able to get up and run to the phone.

    I hate it!

    Shame on you for bothering people with those useless calls.

    If I want something I will call you!

    Thank goodness for caller ID.

    If I don’t recognize the ID – I don’t answer.


    This is the first good thing I have ever heard about Ms. Althoff. You go, girl!

  4. I do not want sales calls on my cell phone – yet I get them and I am on the DO NOT CALL LIST.

    I wish I could send the salesman a bill every time I got a call for some window cleaning or HVAC service.

  5. I hate sales calls as much as most everyone (except Gus apparently), but at least when they come to my home, the sales people pay for the call.

    But coming to my cell phone means I get to pay for their business solicitation.

    If anything, these sales folks should be reimbursing me for my costs in their free enterprise.

    Like a previous poster mentioned, not one of these people has gotten my business or my vote – including you, Gus.

    They’ve been blacklisted just like you.

  6. Gus … continuing to lead opinion by himself.

    Hey, Pam here’s an idea.

    Pass a law that allows telephone companies to charge solicitors to pay me a $1.00 a minute to listen to them.

    I’ll listen to your spiel for $60/hr.

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