Comparing McHenry County’s Top Educators’ Salaries

This past weekend when I posted the salary of McHenry County College President Vicky Smith, I wondered what the salaries of the school superintendents in McHenry County are.

A friend of McHenry County Blog did the research and sent me the information you see below:

Here are the salaries for the top educators in McHenry County schools.

Here are the salaries for the top educators in McHenry County schools.


Comparing McHenry County’s Top Educators’ Salaries — 7 Comments

  1. Now you can see why our real estate taxes are way out of line.

    Again it is the school salaries and perks that are sticking it to the 52 week a year taxpayers.

    Thats right the taxpayers have to work all year.

  2. Great job to the person who did this 🙂

    You have inspired me!

    We need more people to mine more data and demand more transparency.

    Andrew Gasser

  3. Cal is this apples to apples?

    The numbers for the Superintendents look like what The Champion posts.

    They include base salary, and they also include contributions made by the district to TRS, and might even include how much the district spends on the superintendent’s health insurance.

    Does the number for Dr. Smith include SURS, health insurance, her auto allowance, and board matching contributions toward her tax-sheltered annuity?

  4. They’ve been publishing these outrageous salary’s for at least a decade now and not a thing is done about it.

    But these figures do seem to be continually getting larger, with every new posting.

    This Hoffman character is milking a quarter mil a year? Ridiculous!

  5. A few years ago, I think I remember when I tried to check out the level of education of each superintendent had I learned that this information is not required to be made public.

    Only the education level of teachers.

    I learned that Althoff and Franks had voted to keep this information for Superintendents private.

    I am not sure I am completely correct so I would look forward to any updated information related to this issue.

    These salaries are because of the School Boards who are irresponsible with tax payer money.

  6. Cynthia, I would care if they had a doctorate in doctorate supreme super hyper level degree, nobody should break 150K, and those who make over 200K should receive corporal punishment.

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