Dillard Shows Brass Knuckles in Robo-Call Attack on Rauner

A month before the Republican Primary Election for Governor and what should come in my ear?

A robo-call from gubernatorial candidate Kirk Dillard aimed exclusively at front runner Bruce Rauner.

Kirk Dillard speaks while Bruce Rauner waits his turn at the meeting of Republicans seeking to reform the Republican Party in McHenry County.

Kirk Dillard speaks while Bruce Rauner waits his turn at the meeting of Republicans seeking to reform the Republican Party in McHenry County.

Here’s as much as I could catch:

“Bruce Rauner is not a Republican.

“He says he’s a Republican, but he voted Democrat in 2006.

“[Bruce Rauner] gave millions to Democrats [like] Rahm Emanuel…and Nancy Pelosi.

“[He’s trying to] explain away…scandals.

“Bruce Rauner is not a Republican.

“Dillard for Govenror 2014.”


Dillard Shows Brass Knuckles in Robo-Call Attack on Rauner — 10 Comments

  1. Rauner pulled a Democrat ballot in 2006 and Dillard got elected as a Republican but frequently voted in Springfield like a Democrat!

    Now Dillard is pouncing on another candidate accusing him of being a Democrat but who are the Unions supporting?

    His last name is Dillard!!

  2. Rauner votes Democrat, donates to Democrats, and he’s openly Pro-Abortion.

    If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…

  3. Bruce Rauner is a super rich hedge fund owner with hundreds of millions to spend and he is trying to buy the governor mansion via the Republican Party.

    I do not blame Dillard for calling out this duck.

    Also, there is quite a difference in voting as a Democrat like Rauner to Kirk Dillard’s work as a legislator in Springfield.

    Dillard works on many bills and has to compromise sometimes to get them passed, as he represent all his local constituents.

    The legislative process is to achieve results for our State, not to prevent anything from happening or be done.

    Mr. Rauner represents only the money interests here and in DC that for the last thirty years has distorted the whole electoral process.

    A dedicated, experienced and well educated public servant like Mr. Kirk Dillard risks getting run over by the egotistical narcissists Mr. Bruce Rauner.

  4. I received the Dillard Robo Call this afternoon.

    I could not be more disappointed and disgusted.

    The call had all the earmarks of another union-funded attack ad that was already in the can and just waiting for a name to put on the “Paid for by…”

    The only mention of Dillard’s name was as the sponsor, and didn’t really tell you to vote for him.

    Is this how he plans to spend the Teacher Union’s cash?

    I was one of Dillard’s strongest supporters four years ago, and defended him against charges that he was a closet Democrat (remember the Obama ad?).

    Is that your positive message of leadership – that you aren’t Bruce Rauner?

    Kirk, you have disappointed so many of your former supporters. I am really more saddened than angry.

    I don’t think Jim Edgar would agree with your tactics either.

  5. I don’t care who runs for Governor.

    I ask myself the following question, “Why would any Republican want to run for Governor?”

    If you are elected to the position, you will be the longest running lame duck in the history of Illinois Governors.

    The power used in the House and Senate is so great, there is no way to begin reforming State government.

    Look at Pat Quinn, the guy is a Democrat who neither Cullerton or Madagen care to support.

    The House and Senate pass whatever they want.

    Pull a few string to get Quinn’s signature and they are done.

    They both know Quinn can’t stand against them on important issues.

    You know the Governor position, is rather poor when Madagen’s daughter won’t even run for the seat against Quinn.

    If Lisa M. ran, she would take Quinn down without any fight.

    The Madagen family would rule Illinois State Government.

    However, why would Madagen allow is daughter to be the leader of one of the worst run states in the US?

    Why bring the shame onto the family?

    Not to mention you don’t need the Governor position when you already control the other branches of government.

    Finally, the last thing the State Supreme Court will assist is a Republican governor.

    As for Lisa Madagen, she will run against Mark Kirk and win his senate seat. This will give the Madagen family even greater access to power.

    Back to my original question, “Why would any Republican want to run for Governor?” Please don’t use the typical response(s): change Springfield, limit Madagen, improve Illinois.

  6. Brass knuckles?!?

    I call it telling the truth.

    Rauner isn’t a Republican, plain and simple.

  7. Mr. Shepo, it is OK for Rauner to spend a million dollars in negative ads vs. Congressman Schock and smear Dan Rutherford but it’s NOT OK to tell Republicans Rauner is a Rahm Emanuel Democrat??

    Not to mention they are vacation buddies and Rauner made Rahm a millionaire.


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