Twp. Consolidation Folks Robocall

The people seeking to put township consolidation on the ballot are making robocalls to encourage people to call wavering County Board members to vote, “Yes.”

While I imagine they are making the calls in each McHenry County Board district where members are not committed to vote in favor of the proposals next Tuesday at the 9 AM meeting, what I have is the script for District 3.  It stretches from Crystal Lake to McHenry.

McHenry County Board Chairman Joe Gottemoller and member Nick Provenzano are targeted.

Both are vulnerable if opponents use the two poll results showing about 80% of voters want the issue on the ballot.

This Tuesday, October 2nd, the County Board will decide whether to put township consolidation on the ballot.

This will reduce the number of townships from 17 to 8.

As a result, tax savings will occur by eliminating 72 elected positions, reducing overhead, equipment and supply needs.

Please call your county board member Joe Gottmoeller at 815-382-9940 and Nick Povensano at 815-355-8540 and ask them to vote “yes” to put township consolidation on the ballot.

Paid for by McHenry County Citizens for Township Consolidation.

Here’s McHenry County Blog’s poll of likely Republican primary voters:

Here’s a poll financed by the township consolidation folks of all voters:


Twp. Consolidation Folks Robocall — 25 Comments

  1. When will McHenry County Republicans wake up and concentrate on the REAL problem?

    The problem is in Springfield!

    NOT some rinky dink small government units called Townships!

    Talk about ignoring the elephant in the room!!

    All this noise because of one disgruntled guy who lost an election years ago!

    What a waste!

  2. It is very disappointing that the County Chairman is entertaining a small group of Republicans who are wasting taxpayer money and time on the consolidation issue when we have no State Budget and Teachers go on strike to increase their income even further above the median income in the County.

    Consolidation is a distraction from the real problems!

  3. The problem IS local in many ways.

    $$$$ wasted.

    It is a business and when it is overstaffed and overspending, you look it over, consolidated and save money.

    Many of our problems start from the bottom and go up.


  4. PS – All that is being asked is to HAVE IT ON THE BALLOT FOR A VOTE. Stop the spin.

    Let the VOTERS CHOOSE, not just the township people trying to prevent thousands to have a voice.


  5. Back at you: do you consider the info coming out about consolidation sufficient enough to make an accurate vote?

    You know that half the people will see property tax increases, and considering how these government things work out most of the time, everybody’s taxes will probably increase?

    By voting for consolidating bigger gov agencies will be created and historically the bigger the gov agencies the less efficient it is?

    ie any savings from fewer politicians will be eaten up by big gov factors only glossed over.

    You know that Twh’s already use economies of scale, ordering threw State bids, and that as much as we want, politics will never allow Gov agencies to be run like a business totally?

    I could go on about the problems with seem to be ignored, but it’s almost senseless as the anti gov sentiment since the 2009 economic turn down has clouded the issue at had.
    With the info now at hand, any vote will mean a win for consolidation, because the anti gov thing is over the top to a degree.

    I hope in the future when your Twh taxes go up, probably noticeably by the 2018 tax levy, those that vote for consolidation will admit they were wrong to vote in favor without full knowledge of the numbers and facts.

    Just saying this isn’t the way, only cutting services will will make your tax bill noticeably reduced.

  6. Centralizing power is never the way to go.

    Total waste of our money even bringing this issue up.

    The Nob has such good points that it is a shame they will never be understood by the masses.

    Total loser issue here.

    Getting people to fight against the agenda is like knocking your head against the wall.

  7. I have walked six precincts now for people…

    I can tell you that in the places I walked the people overwhelmingly want this.

    I will personally have a field day with this vote on social media and the public.

    Not threatening anyone – I just want change and this vote is going to do it.

    See you Tuesday!

  8. Gasser the only reason people want it is because they do not understand it give them truth and facts then maybe you can really say you did what you were elected to do and that is represent the people

  9. Getting it on the ballot is NOT THE FINAL VOTE!!

    Information is explored and if the citizens and people educate themselves.

    THEN the next vote will be whether they want their township to consolidate.


    Nob and his cohorts want you to THINK this is the final judgement.

    Do NOT let their spin control you.

  10. The vote in 2016 last time I heard was a binding vote, if where is to be a advisory before hand give me the info so I can read it back at you.

    Andrew could answer that of course.

    Also I see the county is getting NIU involved, good idea or waste of $$$$ like most?

    Problems Houston, most people will not be educated on the subject when they vote.

    Both sides points, numbers, and facts should be well publicized, even the Chicago media and a debate on WTTW would be worth wild.

    All before any voting, far enough friend?

  11. back to you or Andrew G. willing to address my comments from above, or just Waltz your blind anti gov nonsense.

    Prove real savings, my wallet like $$$$ in it.

  12. Mr. Gasser. You disappoint me.

    I really thought you would be a more informed and fair representative of the people you asked to support you.

    The detail that you and others promoting the consolidation of townships miss… is that not many would object to the public voting on issues.

    What we take offense at is uninformed public official pretending they know what they’re talking about and basing their decisions on misinformation and/or a lack of understanding the facts.

    The “facts” being promoted by consolidation proponents are so far off base as to be insulting.

    For county board members to fall for these gross misstatements of fact is frightening to say the least.

    I would hazard to guess that your “contacts,” while walking precincts, had no true idea what you were promoting.

    More importantly, you had an opportunity to run petitions in those precincts to have those voters say whether or not they wanted to consolidate or eliminate their own township.

    Please, do not abuse those in “other” townships with your personal agendas.

    If we want to consolidate and/or eliminate our townships… we can, and should, circulate our own petitions to put the questions on our ballots.

    Do not presume to speak for the rest of us on such matters. Our areas are far different from yours.

    Honor that difference and leave us alone.

    Whether you understand it or not, there is a great cost to getting out information to dispel the lies and distortions you and your crowd have been spewing over the last few months.

    You truly disappoint me!

  13. Let’s see, Questioning thinks a government that has more than doubled in cost in the last 20 years to TWENTY-SIX MILLION DOLLARS while their areas have decreased is “Rinky dink”

    The nob spouts the same lines over and over and hopes it becomes a reality for all you people foolish enough to want to vote for it.

    That is “I hope your taxes go up” nah,nah,nah, nah na na.

    Just saying…he’s really only wishing you well.

    Even if it sounds like a school boy.

    Concerned voter/aka Cindy believes the “masses” can’t think for themselves (don’t quite know what alternate world she’s from.).

    There is a total loser here but it’s not the voting public.

    It’s amazing over the last few months reading the anti-consolidation comments…you all sound like township employees or former employees.

    You spout the township line to perfection.

    You may think it’s true But voters have finally decided to participate…what happens on Tuesday is only the beginning.

  14. And here’s the ultimate blow.

    Oh, mr. Gasser, you have been squelched by ursel shuster…

    I bet you didn’t realize that she knows everything about everything!

    How dare you have any opinions of your own.

    And realize that she is the only speaker for her township.

    The people in the township have no voice but hers.

    After all, they might have a conflicting thought and then where would they be??

    Try to withstand the pain and continue what you’re doing, Andrew.

  15. One last word for the day…two polls show an 80% to 20% preference on the registered voters part to vote on this issue.

    We should probably disregard that??

    Surely it means nothing that voters want this issue debated and then the opportunity to vote.

    After all, you bloggers know best for everyone.

  16. Blatant stupidity rears it’s ugly head once again.

    This is precisely why I am dead set against these shenanigans.

    I have never worked or volunteered in ANY government position anywhere!

    What part of “centralized power is bad” do you NOT understand?

    Ersel is the only one on here that understands and is cogent on the subject.

    If you stupid people insist on dragging us down this dead nd road I’m afraid many more people will be moving out of this state.

    And yes, I think you are stupid when you think Agenda 21 is the right move for whatever reasons you are trying to slide by the poor people in this state.

    Not only disappointed, but thoroughly disgusted by the brazen ignorance shown by those that are supposed to be our elected leaders.

  17. One last word for me, too. What poll?

    No one asked me.

    Polls are slanted and BS!

    It is so easy to crook the numbers; and who has enough knowledge to answer stupid slanted poll questions!

    What did you ask in your poll?

    Who’s in favor of saving money?


    Total sham.

  18. Let’s see…now it’s concerned voter/Cindy/ursel shuster…reread that twice…you sure do lose your chain of thought.

    Cal has included the polls in very detailed fashion several times, including explanations how the polls were done, the township breakdown, the questions asked, etc.

    the results of 80% to 20% were very clear.

    We would expect nothing less of you than BS(very eloquent!) and total sham.

    You didn’t disappoint us.

  19. I see our friend Watcher1940 is out throwing rocks again instead of discussing the issues.

    Personal attacks show a certain amount of desperation, and

    Cal’s posting of bias polls does also.

    Donna K. has a article in the NWH today, lots of Waltzing in her comments, and pure nonsense also.

    I found this in the comment section there:

    Steve Reick 4 hours ago

    For the author to bring up the following issues now, instead of during the time that the commission was considering its recommendation to put consolidation on the ballot, is nothing more than the creation of straw men.

    For instance:

    “However, even as the areas served by townships decreased, township tax levies increased from $11.7 million in 1995 to the present $26 million. At this rate, the trend indicates township tax levies will grow to $59.5 million over the next 20 years.”

    That’s nothing more than an exercise in grade school math, and is type of linear thinking that gave us the hysteria over man made global warming.

    It doesn’t take into account variables that cannot even be predicted, let alone relied upon.

    “Coral Township has a similar number of lane road miles to Algonquin Township – 119 miles versus 134 miles for Algonquin – it costs Algonquin Township $21,541 to maintain each lane road mile versus a cost of $2,413 to maintain each lane road mile by Coral Township.”

    The amount per mile in Algonquin Township is actually $10,346 per mile, because of the amount levied for roads in the township, $1.5 million of the $2.89 million collected is given over to the municipalities.

    How much Coral Township gives over to Union, I don’t know.

    Also, on a per household basis (2010 census), Algonquin Township road levies are $86.91 per household ($2.89 million divided by 33,212 households, and that includes the $1.5 million going to the 10 municipalities) and Coral levies are $215.25 per household ($287,000 divided by 1,334 households).

    This is a comparison of apples to oranges. Finally, the number of vehicles traveling on Algonquin Township roads has to be some outrageous multiple of the vehicles traveling in Coral.

    A better measure of comparing costs would be to determine how many road miles are driven in a year, and calculating the cost per mile based on that measure, because that’s a much clearer indication of the amount of maintenance required to keep the roads in operating condition.

    Putting this matter onto a ballot without a full discussion of the costs or cost savings is an appeal to the emotions of voters who are justifiably disgusted with government, regardless of how local it may be.

    Reducing the number of governments does not reduce the size of government.

    I don’t know if consolidation will or will not save taxpayers money, but until both sides put their cards on the table, I can’t support a measure that once enacted will be impossible to overturn.

    Well said by Steve!


    The common thread running through all of the above is the notion that those who advocate for consolidation are falling for the old political saw that in the face of something we don’t fully understand, we have to do something.

    There’s an old saying from the Naval Academy’s 1927 handbook “Rocks and Shoals” that says: “When in danger or in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout.” That seems to be what’s going on here.

  20. Questioning on 10/04/2015 at 6:54 am ….. I agree.

    The effort should be moved to something that matters.

    Township costs are a very small piece of a huge pie.

  21. Nob- The vote to put it on the ballot is the 6th.

    The next vote is for the general public and they can vote NO IF THEY WANT TO>

    It is very obvious that you have an attachment to the townships and are not objective.

    I have NO connection to the townships other wanting to lower my taxes.

  22. back at you?

    You are not getting the picture at all.

    Where is your guarantee that any of this sham is going to save you tax money?

    This is the whole fallacy argument we are trying to highlight.

    Don’t let these power hungry pols entice you with their Kabuki theater.

    You are the one that is not being objective.

    You are being suckered!

    The voters are woefully uninformed; and it would be like asking them if they want candy.

    It would be a landslide into Agenda 21 being in control.

    We want the opposite of centralized bigger government.

    You would be voting yourself OUT of power to control any local issue.

    Don’t give up what little you have by following the sheep over this cliff.

  23. back to you, bias I am, but not to Twhs, not to maintaining Status Que, my wallet and family always come first.

    Did you answer any of my questions like was asked above?

    Do you realize with bigger Twhs unionization is more likely to happen?

    Rumor has it some Twh employees are already planning for unionization.

    The only proven savings from consolidation, getting rid of politicians, is less than $3 per resident, hardly worth what the lawyers fees will be to consolidate.

    The rest of the talk is just that talk, no facts or proven numbers.

    If you want a lower property tax bill from the Gov, what services you personally receive now are you willing to give up?

    It’s the only way friend, or do you really believe bigger gov agencies are more efficent to run?

  24. The Provenzano’s have been tin cupping for government jobs for years.

    Get a real job in the private sector, if you can.

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