Barb Wheeler Endorses Dan Wilbrandt for State Representative

Her State Senator Pam Althoff has tossed in $40,000 to the campaign to elect McHenry County Board member Carolyn Schofield to replace State Rep. Mike Tryon.

That was shortly after the teachers’ union called the Illinois Education Association gave Schofield the maximum amount allowed by state law–$53,900.

Now State Rep. Barb Wheeler has endorsed West Dundee Village Trustee Dan Wilbrandt, the least well-financed opponent, for the office.

Yesterday, Lakewood Village Trustee Paul Serwatka pulled out of the race in favor of East Dundee Village Trustee Allen Skillicorn.

A press release announcing Wheeler’s endorsement follows:

State Rep. Barbara Whjeeler Endorses Dan Wilbrandt for State Representative

Barb Wheeler

Barb Wheeler

Dan Wilbrandt

Dan Wilbrandt

CRYSTAL LAKE – State Representative Barbara Wheeler announced today that she has endorsed Dan Wilbrandt for State Representative for the 66th Representative District.

“I am very honored to receive the endorsement of Representative Barbara Wheeler,” said Dan Wilbrandt, who is one of four candidates vying for the Republican nomination for the 66th District seat.

“I’ve enjoyed working with Barb on many issues in the past and look forward to continuing this work on behalf of our respective constituents in the General Assembly.”

“Dan is running a clean, grassroots campaign,” said State Representative Barbara Wheeler, who currently represents the 64th Representative District [the district to the north of Wilbrandt’s].

“He has an admirable work ethic, as well as strong dedication and commitment to protecting the unborn and the 2nd Amendment.”

“In addition, Dan has taken it upon himself to lend his assistance during the last 6 months on several of my House Bills on Juvenile Justice and Human Trafficking, which simply couldn’t have proceeded to where they are today without his help,” said Wheeler.

“There are plenty of lawyers in the General Assembly, but there are NONE who have the expertise in criminal law like Dan.

“Governor Rauner is dedicated to improving the justice system in Illinois, and Dan’s contribution is imperative to that discussion.”

“I have never met a candidate with as much strength and sincerity as I see in Dan,” Wheeler concluded.

“I very much urge the voters of the 66th District to recognize his exemplary qualities their vote for him next Tuesday.”

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Tryon has endorsed Schofield.


Barb Wheeler Endorses Dan Wilbrandt for State Representative — 4 Comments

  1. It appears that a vote for Wilbrandt is now just a vote for Schofield and the teachers union.

  2. Dan has very strong support.

    Those who yell the loudest do not always get the prize.

    Dan is solid and experienced.

    We do not need a learn on the job representative.

    Dan has already worked on issues.

    The legislature are our LAW MAKERS.

    Good to have someone that knows law rather than someone else pulling the strings.

  3. Well said, DATA.

    I don’t know who Jump is, but he/she certainly doesn’t know Dan or what he stands for.

    Wilbrandt is a true conservative, and not one that can be bought out by unions, PACs, or other such organizations.

    Didn’t Serwatka send out a mailer accusing both Schofield and Skillicorn for being “bought and paid for”?

    What a hypocrite for then turning around and supporting Skillicorn.

  4. Regardless of where Wilbrandt’s campaign funds came from, he is a status quo/ big government guy.

    – Voted for 5 tax increases in 3 years

    – Lobbied for and supported red light cameras in his village.

    – Voted for Prevailing Wage ordinance every single year

    Now he wants to fight taxes?

    Now, he stands with the governor against prevailing wage ordinances?

    Sounds a bit disingenuous to say the least.

    No matter how much you like Dan, these facts can not be disputed nor defended!

    SO, better to change the subject and get back to disparaging Serwatka, QUICK!

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