Woodstock Solicitation Scam

From the Woodstock Police Department:

Woodstock PD warns you of Government Employee Impersonation/ Donation Request Scam

The Woodstock Police Department is investigating two incidents of unknown individuals fraudulently presenting themselves as City of Woodstock employees and then soliciting donations for charitable sporting events. Woodstock Police are currently following up with all leads in an effort to determine who is committing these fraudulent acts.

As reported in the first incident, on February 16th, 2016, an individual identified himself as “Mike Thomas” and a City of Woodstock employee to a Woodstock restaurant owner.

The individual then asked for a donation to help fund an “Over 40” softball league. Believing that the individual truly had a charitable intent, the restaurant owner supplied the individual with an undisclosed amount of currency as a donation.

The restaurant owner described the suspect as a male, White, early 40s, 6’ 00”, 260 lbs., blond hair, wearing a red hat, white t-shirt, brown sweater and blue jeans.

In the second incident on March 30th, 2016, an individual entered a different local restaurant and approached the restaurant manager.

This individual identified himself as “Tom Ellis” and an employee of the City of Woodstock Water Department.

The suspect advised the restaurant manager that he had spoken with the restaurant owner and that the owner approved a donation to help fund a charitable golf team. Again, believing that the individual had altruistic intentions, the restaurant manager supplied the individual with an undisclosed contribution.

After the manager conferred with the owner of the restaurant and realized that the owner did not authorize any donations, the payment on the check was stopped.

The restaurant manager described this individual as a male, White, late 40s to early 50s, 5’ 10”, 350 lbs., short white hair, wearing a white ball cap, blue sweater and blue jeans.

All citizens and business owners are reminded that the City of Woodstock does not authorize its workforce to solicit for donations as representatives of the city. Additionally, citizens are reminded that all City of Woodstock employees carry city-issued identification cards, and must be displayed upon request while performing in their official capacity.

Anyone with additional information on the two incidents described above, or any additional incidents, are encouraged to contact their local law enforcement agency. For incidents occurring in Woodstock, please contact the Woodstock Police Department at 815-338-2131.


Woodstock Solicitation Scam — 3 Comments

  1. Of course it’s a scam..

    Government employees don’t “ask” for your money,they just take it.

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