Tax Time for Park Districts

Here’s the property tax record for park districts in McHenry County.

Parks in Fox River Grove, Harvard, McHenry, Woodstock, etc., are not provided by park districts.

Where there is not a park district, generally municipalities finance them out of their budgets.

Park Districts INCR / DECR INCR / DECR
2015 – 2014 2014 – 2013
BARRINGTON HILLS ($3,410.24) $9,443.08
CARY $59,841.19 $134,202.27
CRYSTAL LAKE $78,756.54 $268,424.78
HUNTLEY ($80,246.94) ($195,452.54)
MARENGO $13,268.72 ($1,009.52)
PARK DISTRICTS $68,209.27 $215,608.07

Park district elections will be held next spring.


Tax Time for Park Districts — 3 Comments

  1. Cary Park District INCREASE $60,000!?

    For what?

    Our fearless leaders will call this a DECREASE since it is significantly less than last years INCREASE!

  2. Why and How did the pension for Cary Park District go from $44.00 last year to $280.00 this year?

    I never saw a publication for the change.

    Overall-mytaxes went up $930.00 this tear.

    That is 10% more than last year.

    I thought they are limited to 5% ??

    Comments please..

  3. The Tax Cap limit refers to the overall amount of the tax that can be taken from all district taxpayers.

    This year that was an 8/10 of 1% increase.

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