You Can View McHenry County Tax Bills Now

Glenda Miller

Glenda Miller

McHenry County Treasurer Glenda Miller put this year’s (2015 tax year collected in 2016) in the mail Friday, May 13th.

For those who want to ruin their weekend, they will be available online here.

Or, maybe, you will be as lucky as we were.

Our $9,600 bill only went up $26.50.

Compare what your tax districts did to you last year to what they are pulling out of your pocketbook this year by checking out the following stories and, then, share what happened to your bill (tell others where you live, please):


You Can View McHenry County Tax Bills Now — 2 Comments

  1. My Bill went up over $1400 – an increase in 16.6%.

    I’ve made changes to my home, yet it’s assessed value went up by 18.8%.


    I live in Cimarron subdivision in Cary

  2. @L Light I feel your pain.

    Mine went up $1300 and I’m in a small house with no basement in Cary, as well.

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