A Property Tax Freeze Headline Bill

The Illinois House of Representatives passed House Bill 6630 Tuesday, January 10th.

The vote was 76-24-5.

Two of the Joint Sponsors are Jack Franks and David McSweeney.

Today it is listed on the Senate calendar on First Reading.

Jack Franks

David McSweeney

The Illinois Constitution says that a bill has to be read three times in each House. One of those readings could be on the same day as the bill passes in the first chamber as occurred with this bill in the State Senate.

But, since the 99th General Assembly adjourns today, there is no way the bill can pass the Senate.

The impossibility of enacting the legislation makes it a “headline bill,” in my opinion.

State Rep. and McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks got his headline in the Northwest Herald.

But that’s all folks.

No, let’s post the roll call, not for those who voted in favor, because they knew it was a “free” vote, free of consequences because the bill could not pass, but for those who voted against the permanent property tax freeze.

Take a look at those who voted against the bill and present (in effect a “No” vote because bills have to achieve 60 to pass the House):

The House roll call on House bill 6630, a bill which would permanently freeze real estate taxes.

For those interested in reading the bill, you can find it here.


A Property Tax Freeze Headline Bill — 4 Comments

  1. Observation: The “little liar” votes for a property tax freeze which will never happen because the Senate does not have time to vote on the bill.

    He does this right after orchestrating a property tax increase in McHenry County!

    BTW the freeze would only have applied to Cook and the collar counties.

  2. Given the legislative pension benefit hikes while pensions were already underfunded, that’s like charging a bunch of stuff on the credit card bill to which there is already a balance then voting for a freeze on paying the bill.

  3. Any legislation introduced in Springfield dealing with a Property Tax freeze is merely a headline and a political stunt or a message to local government that you can’t be trusted with your levy and we in Springfield have to control you.

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