Kelly Liebmann’s Message to the County Board

Here is what Wonder Lake’s Kelly Liebmann told the McHenry County Board last night:

Kelly Liebmann

This Friday we will witness a transition of government during the Presidential Inauguration ceremonies in Washington DC.

I recall 8 years ago, reporters discussing that our system of government is exceptional because every 4 or 8 years, power is handed over peacefully to a completely new Administration—regardless of a contentious election.

I wish the same could be said about our County government.

I would like to take this opportunity to remind the entire County Board, Chairman Franks, Administration, and the State’s Attorney’s office that in 2012 voters REJECTED the County Executive form of Government by almost a 2 to 1 margin.

Voters did not, and do not want, the McHenry County Chair to have any type of power resembling a County Executive, including the additional costs of Executive branch employees, separate legal counsel, Executive Assistants or Communications Specialists.

Chairman Franks’ actions continually overstep the intended power of the office, while circumventing protocols and violating fundamental management controls.

The Chairman’s hiring of two employees with the help of Administrator Austin, could subject McHenry County taxpayers to costly discrimination lawsuits.

Mr. Austin stated to the Northwest Herald “the hires do not increase the county’s personnel count because of previous staffing changes.”

I ask, when did these staffing changes occur?

Regarding vacant positions, Section 4 of the Salary Administration Policy states:

“If a position becomes vacant, steps must be taken to fill it within 90 days. Failure to take the appropriate steps to fill the position within 90 days will result in the position being eliminated.”

The erosion of the hiring and appointing processes will corrupt McHenry County, its employees, and elected officials.

Violating EEOC rules will cost taxpayers money.

Residents gave the County Board direction with their vote on the County Executive referendum of 2012.

We do not want the County Chair to have executive powers or cost taxpayers additional money.

Take back the power of the Board. Follow Board Rules.

Advise the State’s Attorney Office that legal opinion is not to be given to the Chair but only to the County Board. Instruct Administration to follow procedure and protocol.

The McHenry County Chair should have very limited power because the voters want it that way.


Kelly Liebmann’s Message to the County Board — 21 Comments

  1. It remains to be seen if there is any backbone on the county board or not.

  2. Well done.

    I would have loved to have seen Jacko’s face during this speech.

  3. He doesn’t look at the commenters or the board members when they speak.

    Very odd.

    However he acts as tho he has a few imaginary friends in the audience.

    Just waiting for the old Clinton point and wave.

    Yet I look where his eyes are gazed and there’s nobody there!

  4. Jack’s face probably looked similar to Madigan’s face.
    Thanks, Kelly, for speaking up.

  5. Kelly’s remarks are right on the money.

    Those Republican board members who don’t start acting like Republican board members had better expect to be replaced in the next primary election.

  6. There certainly was something for everyone at this last board meeting!

    When you can attend a county board meeting ranging from boring at times, saucy at times, peaceful at times, funny at times, to frustrating at times and even insulting at times

    (As in one public commenter throwing barbs at another public commenter)

    who needs Reality TV or WWE?

    Told Franks, Austin, Skillicorn and Wilbeck at an event, that the only disappointment was they weren’t selling popcorn!

  7. Yet another failure on display by the “little liar”.

    He CANNOT run a meeting!!

    How many years in Springfield?

    Still can’t run a meeting?

    Allows personal attacks during public comment?

    No wonder the two Government Consolidation committees he chaired ended up with very little in the way of solutions!

    Sorry, Karen, I am not entertained!

    Wasting my hard earned tax dollars is not a joke!!!

  8. Well stated.

    Hopefully the board listens.

    I seriously doubt Franks will.

  9. While on the topic of this week’s latest “little liar” fiasco, I do not expect to hear the ramblings of a Rabbi or any other religious view points when I tune in to the broadcast of a taxpayer funded meeting.

    What happened to ‘words of wisdom’ from Board members?

    I do not want religious viewpoints expressed by an unelected person at a taxpayer funded meeting!!

  10. Questioning, I’m certain Karen would agree with You, that wasting our tax dollars is certainly No Joke.

    Probably just a non-partisan attempt to let people know what’s going on, and to encourage more people from both sides of the aisle
    to attend these meetings and see for themselves.

    We need citizens, not just Anti-Tax groups like VotersInAction, AFP, and Anti-Corruption groups like Represent US to fill the seats.

    Lets hope more citizens get curious enough to start coming.

  11. Of course, Jack Franks’ experience in Springfield was with a committee controlled by Democrats.

  12. The board is a governance board-

    Perhaps when they understand their role- they will understand what power they have.

    If he broke the law, you would know.

    If he was in the wrong it would have been rectified.

    He showed the board they don’t understand the rules.

    They are pissed because they are realizing they do not have the power they thought they did.

    It is a new office.

    How things were done in the past is irrelevant.

    It is all politics, no policy. sick the whole bunch.

  13. Irish, maybe it’s the other way around.

    Maybe Franks doesn’t know he’s not King and answers to the board.

    The board Does need to unite and grow a pair to reign in the county’s recently elected overgrown child!

  14. Re: “And people in Hell want ice water, Questioning. What’s your point?”

    1st amendment U. S. Constitution “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

    Everything that happens in the Ware Rd. County Building is funded with at least a few pennies from yours truly.

    My religion is my religion – I do not want an official representative of any formal religion coming into a building funded with taxpayer dollars and telling me how to conduct my life.

    Before you know it, we will have an Imam spouting the greatness of Sharia in the County Building.

    If you have policy of inviting official religious representative to give invocation at taxpayer funded meetings, you are crossing the line of mixing politics and religion – my opuinion – you are entitled to yours.

  15. You are an idiot, Questioning.

    You obviously have no idea what you are talking about.

    How is listening to a rabbi equated in your simpleton mind with making laws regarding establishing a religion?

    You are a poof!

    You want to prhibit the free exercise thereof.

    I guess you didn’t read far enough in your quote.

    Simple minded people need to stay out of the fray.

    (Especially if you cannot read and write your own language proficiently.)

    What you want and whta your neighbor wants can be two entirly different things.

    You have no leg to stand on just because you are a snowflake that doesn’t want to hear it.


    Go to your safe place now before the big bad wolf scares you again.

  16. Geez, a little harsh don’t you think?

    I have to agree with Questioning.

    Stop preaching from the board meetings.

    The board members used to say something.

    Now the audience is supposed to stand while someone preaches?


    These board meetings are long enough.

    We go to witness the business of the county.

  17. Invocations and the pledge are done at most gov meetings, a tad time consuming.

    We’ve been saying it since we were little kids, multiple times, maybe we have that covered now?

    Over and over they say the pledge then turn around and disregard it’s intent.

    Saving time is a good thing.

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