McSweeney Goes One Step Beyond Not Taking a Legislative Pension, Bill to End for New Members

A press release from State Rep. David McSweeney:

David McSweeney Introduces Bill to Eliminate Legislative Pensions

Cary, IL – State Representative David McSweeney (R-Barrington Hills) has again introduced a measure to eliminate legislative pensions for all new members of the Illinois General Assembly.

Representative McSweeney has voluntarily chosen not to participate in the legislative pension program.

In addition, McSweeney has voluntarily cut his legislative office budget by 10 percent every year since he was first elected to the Illinois General Assembly.

David McSweeney

“Our state is drowning in debt.

“We do not have a budget and some politicians are clamoring to raise taxes.

“It just sends the wrong message to taxpayers for legislators to be drawing lavish pensions while the State cannot afford to pay its other bills,” McSweeney said.

“Ending legislative pensions is the right thing to do.”

The legislation (HB 338) would eliminate legislative pensions for new members of the Illinois General Assembly.

“I and a growing number of legislators from both parties have already voluntarily refused to accept a legislative pension,” McSweeney said. “It is time that we lead by example and show the taxpayers that we are serious about changing the culture in Springfield.”

House Bill 338 has been introduced and awaits an assignment to a legislative committee for further consideration.


McSweeney Goes One Step Beyond Not Taking a Legislative Pension, Bill to End for New Members — 9 Comments

  1. A bill that will never make it anywhere. Headline bill.

    Pensions are a pyramid scam.

    Removing new paying members would default the system, but politicians like Althoff will never reveal that to voters.

  2. The GARS (General Assembly Retirement System) is in the worst financial condition of all the pension funds because a greater percentage of those eligible have opted out of the system, as compared to the other pension systems.

  3. Good on you, Rep. McSweeney. Let’s hope you can get it passed like several of your other taxpayer protecting Bills!

    McSweeny’s the real deal,- Nothing like ‘Lying Jack Franks’ and his fruitless attempts to pass Fluff advisory referendums off as “working for the people.”

    Advisory only referendums stating the obvious, is not going to do a thing but cost us more tax dollars in getting such things on a ballot that ultimately mean nothing!

    Like County Board Members Wilcox and Gasser said (and other board members agreed) “Make it a BINDING RESOLUTION’ and we’ll pass it!!!

    Kearns was brilliant last night stating that

    “Mr Franks, of all people has no record in Springfield of working in the best interest of the taxpayers!”

    Franks was called out on his “Cut 10” campaign promise, and his claim to work or the taxpayers, both which are nothing but ruses!

  4. Gosh Lorna.

    These referendums aren’t fluff when Republicans do it but when somebody else does it’s garbage?

    Do you understand how that makes us all look?

    And good for McSweeney for a change.

  5. Martha, referendums cost taxpayer money to get put on the ballot.

    The Republicans led the fight by gathering petitions and advisory referendums within their townships.

    No need to waste money on redundant referendums.

    It’s time to actually DO something by making it binding.

    Everyone knows it’s an action the citizens want the board to take.


    A non-binding resolution is merely self-stroking after the people advised you already!

    We are tired of ‘we’ll see’, ‘we feel your pain’, ‘our intentions are good’.

    It’s now time to take the ‘advice’ given and make good on it!

  6. So does this mean that you’re against SKillicorn’s phony referendums to make taxing bodies float referendums every time they want to increase their levy, Semper Fi?

  7. New members will not be drawing “lavish” pensions anymore.

    Those pensions were reformed several years ago.

    McSweeney’s just pandering as usual just like his noble rejection of the old pension.

    He’s a multi millionaire and doesn’t need it.

    How about instead we make all legislators put their assets into a blind trust and stop calling GA positions “part time”.

    That way we might get people who actually care about serving the people that elect them instead of “serving” because they want to make the climate “friendlier” to themselves.

    The way it stands now, the average person can’t afford to serve in the GA.

  8. No Audrey.

    hey can ‘float resolutions to get referendums in order to raise taxes just as Skillicorn and others have done.

    The county board shouldn’t be putting expensive advisory only anti-tax referendums on the ballot.

    It’s redundant and useless.

    FLUFF as Wilcox and others said.

    We already know that taxes are too high.

    The people have already spoken and signed the petitions.

    Now its time for the board to do something meaningful by making it binding. (or stop trying to stroke us with something you won’t be held accountable for if you don’t follow through)

  9. When facing flames two stories high, hot enough to melt lead at 10 feet, McSweeney throws a carefully measured cup of water on it, and proclaims: Mission Accomplished.

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