Target Practice, Then Car Demolition Near Algonquin Township Road District

Andrew Gasser, challenger to incumbent Bob Miller, has posted an eight minute video on his web site of men shooting at a car in front of a pile of gravel and, then, destroying it with what appears to be a township vehicle.

Bill Stockwell, who shot the video comments below that “”it wasn’t government property and it was unincorporated.”  (See full comment below.)

I have changed the headline as a result.

“Who said, ‘Don’t hit the fuel tank?'” one man asked.

Man getting closer to shoot at the car on Algonquin Township property.

Man walking toward the camera.

The eight minute video can be seen below:

Front end loader is driven to the site of the target practice.

Front end loader with Route 14 in the background.

“The Highway Department at work,” one man says.

“When nobody’s looking, let’s go throw it on Route 14,” one man can be heard saying.


Target Practice, Then Car Demolition Near Algonquin Township Road District — 37 Comments

  1. YouTube

    Algonquin Township Channel (not an official government channel)

    Shooting a Car smashing with a loader

    Published February 24, 2017

    “Algonquin Township Illinois Employees working with your tax dollars.

    Firing guns on township property.

    Using township equipment to smash car.”

  2. I watched the video, now give us a date of this activity, the name of the men and who took the video . . . it appears to be public record.

    Were charges filed?

  3. YouTube

    Algonquin Township Channel (not an official government channel)

    Random Burnouts

    Published on February 24, 2017

    “Burnouts at Algonquin Township Property.”


    This video features Brake torques.

    The previous video included a John Deere 624H crushing a vehicle.

  4. According to Facebook posts video was taken 10 to 15 years ago and it was not taken on Township property and person seen on video posted the real story and is no longer working at the Township..

    More Fake News.

  5. The home page of the Algonquin Township Road District Highway Department (Algonquin Township Road District) includes a picture of current Algonquin Township Highway Commissioner Bob Miller standing in front of a John Deere 624H Loader.

    The Algonquin Township Highway Department is at 3702 US Highway 14, Crystal Lake, Illinois.

    The videos were on township property and not a nearby or another property?

  6. Who are thee brain damaged juveniles! It could be thirty years ago, stupid More Educated. It would STILL be under Bob Miller’s watch!

  7. About the 4:35 spot in the first video is where someone who knew the property at the time the video was taken could identify it as being township property or not.

  8. Facebook

    Bob Miller for Algonquin Township Highway Commissioner


    Mr. Miller provides his version of the story on that post including that he’s contacted the McHenry County Sheriff for an investigation.

    “Nevertheless, I contacted the employee in the video that I recognize.

    That employee was let go some time ago.

    I spoke with him today, after seeing the video, and he indicated that it was taken well after work, and it happened 10+ years ago.”


    So the incident occurred on a work day, after work, but during daylight hours.

  9. These are some dangerously stupid people; and you nitwits that are trying to say this is NOT a big deal are even MORE insane to defend this.

  10. So Mr. Miller’s claim is he only recognizes one person in the video.

    Were the other people and voices employees he didn’t recognize, or they were not employees?

    Was it a township vehicle that was crushed?

    Was the vehicle crushed on township property?

    Lots of unanswered questions.

  11. Been watching this circus.

    Should Trump be calling out Gasser for fake news???

  12. McHenry Times

    Videos surface of men wearing Algonquin Township Highway Dept. uniforms firing guns, totaling car

    by Vimbai Chikomo

    February 24, 2017

    “Videos uploaded to Youtube show four men dressed in Algonquin Township uniforms shooting at a vehicle and destroying it, using Algonquin Township equipment.

    The shooting occurred on Algonquin Township property.”

  13. On the Bob Miller for Algonquin Township Highway Commissioner Facebook page, Mr. Miller has not denied or questioned if the incidents took place on township property.

  14. back at you?

    Using liberal/progressive buzzwords does not make you any less of an idiot.

  15. Open the Books

    Snapshot Spending Report for Algonquin Township > click on Illinois on the map > scroll down to Reports > Snapshot Reports > Village, Township, County, Park, Library Local Snapshot Reports > Algonquin Township


    “This afternoon a disappointing video was brought to my attention.

    “I believe that the video is distressing and think that if the motivation of its release was, in fact, concern for our Township, that it would have been brought directly to me.

    “Because it was obviously politically motivated, I found it on social media.

    “Nevertheless, I contacted the employee in the video that I recognize.

    “That employee was let go some time ago.

    “I spoke with him today, after seeing the video, and he indicated that it was taken well after work, and happened 10+ years ago.

    “Obviously, that does not make it any more appropriate.

    “I have contacted the McHenry County Sheriff for an investigation.”

  17. Nice try, the nob sent me.

    For those of you without facebook?

    You mean the smart ones?

    More tap dancing. (A little late to the dance.)

  18. Questions:

    1. Where were Anna May and Bob when the video was made? At another taxpayer funded convention?

    2. Who paid to clean the glass and projectiles out of the sand which I assume was ultimately spread on Township Roads?

    3. And we paid those irresponsible clods how much while they were employed by the Township?

    4. Bob states the one employee was terminated, how about the other ones?

    5. What is there to investigate?

    6. What other stupidity has occurred in this Township yard?

    7. Was placement of the Sheriff substation (not from where the shooting occurred) due to this incident?

    The video gives rednecks a bad name.

    Anyone who questions whether or not this was on Township property has never been to the Township yard.

  19. The person identified in the video stated it was not Township property if memory serves me that long ago the property belonged to Crystal Lake Redimix.

    And Meyer Material.

    The township acquired it some years later.

  20. This whole story is a farce.

    The person involved has written s statement on the Cary Fox River Grove political blog and tells the true story.

    It appears on a blog run by a Gasser supporter and cannot be seen unless you are a member.

    They do not want the true story to get out.

    Mr. Miller was in no way involved.

    It was NOT on township property.

    This man, William Stockwell, states that he is willing to swear to this in a court of law.

  21. This video being talked about was probably 15 years ago and Bob did not give permission.

    That was also not township property and discharging a firearm where we did is legal being it wasn’t government property and it was unincorporated.

    I’m the one who posted that video.

  22. Well, Well politics in McHenry County.

    During the 2016 Presidential Election, between Hillary and Trump, people were on the fence on whom to vote for.

    Well the Battle Cry became “Anybody But Hillary”.

    My advice, Anybody but Andy for Road Commissioner.

    Vote Bob Miller.

  23. Open the Books

    Algonquin Township

    William D Stockwell

    2010 – $25,012 – Nunda Township

    2009 – $47,791 – Nunda Township

    2008 – $47,706 – Nunda Township

    2007 – $10,654 – Nunda Township

    2007 – $34,913 – Algonquin Township

    2006 – $34,994 – Algonquin Township

    2005 – $42,103 – Algonquin Township

    2004 – $46,130 – Algonquin Township

    2003 – $25,868 – Algonquin Township

  24. More gotcha last min Chicago style politics from Team Andrew.

    Kind of late on the draw as early voting is almost over.

    Most have made up their minds months ago on who they would be voting for anyway.

    THX for showing your true colors.

    Alg Twh voters, look at the good and bad of both candidates and then go pinch your nose and vote.

  25. In the video I heard: “You’re missing all the fun Derek!”

    If I can safely assume that being Derek Lee (hubby of Bob and Anna May’s daughter – Rebecca), I seriously doubt that the Miller family has not been aware of the contents of this video from the day it was produced.

    Just my opinion.

  26. When did Algonquin Township acquire the property at 3702 US Highway 14, Crystal Lake?

  27. The shooting the car with bullets then crushing it with a loader video was taken at the 3702 US Highway 14, Crystal Lake property?

    Also why is smoke coming out of the silo if it is after work hours.

  28. Bill Stockwell – were you using an Algonquin Township tractor to crush the car?

    I believe township equipment belongs to the taxpayers and if you damaged the township equipment in any way, that is against the law.

  29. Vote Gasser!

    Miller legacy: the blatant overpaying of family members for how many years, the admission by Bob Miller he’s handing over the reigns to the family – upon ever retiring, the every popular high level endorsements (connection to people of means, get what I want environment, obtain votes and backing by the scratch my back methods), the shooting incident idiocy on taxpayer dime, whatever else that has not been unearthed, I’m the only one who can plow a street – who knows how to recycle – who can scrap things believer, and will allow my family employee to park their truck in the lot with vote for Bob Miller signs on it near the voting building to boot…and the list goes on and on…

    I know who I DON’T want.

    Mr. Gasser, thank you for your service.

  30. Andrew is the most incompetent person to tell the truth.

    Andrew is getting swept up at the County Board Level

    Andrew is a waste of good quality air

  31. If you search Facebook, not only Andrew is doing unethical last min gotcha Chicago style politics, his team member is also sharing this video.

    Here are some of her comments when confronted with her own ethics on this blog:

    Rachael Lawrence on 02/10/2017 at 7:39 am said:

    If you cared to visit my campaign page, you’d already know all about my decades old troubling past (yes, all but one charge was dismissed), as well as my thirteen year old misdemeanor DUI and how it changed my life.

    You’d know how it forever altered the course of my life.

    What it doesn’t show is how I served on a Committee serving young people who are recovering from alcohol abuse and addiction, where I met my husband and grew my family.

    The proof of a good person lies in not their mistakes, but in how they learn from them.

    As you can see, the past fourteen years have proven that anyone, troubled young adult or not, has the capability to better their life if they choose to live according to God’s will and in service to others.

    When the pot allows to let the kettle live by the same standard, only then are they truly ethical.

    Since this blog is a good old Replican site, perhaps Andrew’s known and recorded young and stupid fault should be printed here also.

    Let’s just call that being a ethical Republican blog being FAIR AND BALANCED with both Republicans!

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