More on Algonquin Township Recycling Saturday

From Andrew Gasser, Algonquin Township Road Commissioner:

Below is a map for the specialized recycling program that the Algonquin Township Highway Department will be hosting on Saturday from 8AM until 12 noon.

How vehicles will reach the recycling site at Algonquin Township.

There are several new ideas we will be implementing with our recycling program.

  1. During our specialized recycling program wood chip drop off, log drop off, and mulch pick up will be closed as well as our normal recycling programs. These recycling programs will open as soon as practicable after specialized recycling operations are complete.
  2. The main entrance into the township property will be an EXIT ONLY. Entry onto the property will only be possible through the side entrance which is annotated on the attached map.
  3. To enter into the property turn into The Hallows off of Route 14 and make a right into the Algonquin Township Highway Department. Signage and flaggers will be assisting traffic to ensure operations flow as smooth as possible.
  4. Traffic cones and traffic control devices will clearly mark the traffic flow pattern. Please do not try to speed up and “jump the line”. From start to finish with no traffic it takes three minutes to drive through the proposed traffic pattern.
  5. When exiting the Algonquin Township Highway Department property you will only be allowed to make a right hand turn onto Route 14. This is to alleviate traffic backing up after dropping off their recycled items.
  6. Thank a volunteer for making Algonquin Township “The Good Land”.
  7. Only ONE TV or ONE computer monitor will be accepted per house hold.
  8. We will also be accepting used motor oil, tires, and small electronics.
  10. Please like our new Facebook page. By liking this Facebook Page you are not supporting any political view, or person, but instead helping us spread awareness about upcoming Algonquin Township Highway Department Events. We will also use this page to give weather response updates in the coming months.

If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to call my office at 847-639-2700, extension 7.


More on Algonquin Township Recycling Saturday — 7 Comments

  1. I have a comment.

    I work there and why can’t this ” highway commissioner” pay his employees the rate that they deserve.

    But can hire mutiple secretaries making well above the previous one and only.

    Also have multiple law suits to pay with our tax dollars.


  2. Wow whining like a little girl on a blog shows you don’t have the stones to work there.

    Support your boss (the new elected official) or quit.

  3. So what kind stones does it take?

    I think a employee posting anything are HUGE stones don’t you?

  4. It takes a man to put there real name on this “so called” blog.


  5. Specialized recycling today was a great success with many happy campers today thanks to the new process.

    The best part was there were no “paid volunteers,” or expensive parties afterward, as well as no traffic backup on route 14 like before.

    Credit where credit is due.

    Thanks, Commissioner Gasser and all the guys and volunteers!

  6. Ryan should go get a job at Taco Bell so he can get paid the rate he deserves.

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