Jack Franks Reimburses Patronage Worker with Four $500 Mileage Checks

Don’t know about you, but in those days I filed for mileage reimbursements, the amounts were always odd numbers.

Not so with payments to Bridget Geenen from Jack Franks’ campaign fund.

The latest quarterly report for Jack Franks’ campaign fund shows four $500 mileage reimbursements.

What do you think is going on?


Jack Franks Reimburses Patronage Worker with Four $500 Mileage Checks — 25 Comments

  1. MARK!



  2. And this comes as a surprise to who ?

    Nothing to see here, move along.

  3. This is too much, Cal.

    Why are you publishing this woman’s address?

    Granted it is public on the SBE website but anyone really interested in that can go to the SBE website and find it for themselves.

    You have issues with Jack Franks, that is your right.

    But how does that give you the right to publish another person’s home address on your blog?

    You’re taking the easy way out of just copying from the website.

    Well, go the extra mile and redact home addresses at least in these kinds of postings.

    Enough already!

  4. Kathleen, are you an idiot?

    You say it’s public knowledge then make a how dare you to Cal.

    Do you know how utterly stupid you sound?

    I say enough with stupid outrage that cannot connect any dots whatsoever.

  5. That’s right, Cindy.

    Sunshine is the best disinfectant for corruption.

  6. This seems to be a campaign violation.


    Illinois State Board of Elections

    Disclosure of Campaign Contribution and Expenditures and Rules and Regulations

    Revised July 16, 2016

    Section 5/9-8.10. Use of political committee and other reporting organization funds.

    (a) A political committee shall not make expenditures:

    (9) For the purchase of or installment payment for a motor vehicle unless the political committee can demonstrate that purchase of a motor vehicle is more cost-effective than leasing a motor vehicle as permitted under this item (9).

    A political committee may lease or purchase and insure, maintain, and repair a motor vehicle if the vehicle will be used primarily for campaign purposes or for the performance of governmental duties.

    A committee shall not make expenditures for use of the vehicle for non-campaign or nongovernmental purposes.

    Persons using vehicles not purchased or leased by the political committee may be reimbursed for actual mileage for the use of the vehicle for campaign purposes or for the performance of governmental duties.

    The mileage reimbursements shall be made at a rate not to exceed the standard mileage rate method for computation of business expenses under the Internal Revenue Code.”



    So McHenry County employee Bridget Geenen continues to work for the Jack Franks political campaign while she is employed by the County Board.


    The two individuals named by Moderate were hired by the County at the request of Jack Franks.

    Both worked for Jack Franks political campaign (not taxpayer funded) and his State Representative office (taxpayer funded).

    Both were hired, at the request of Jack Franks, to be placed in jobs that were not posted at the time of the hire.

    The public and most members of the county board were not aware of that situation until after it transpired.

    Thus they are patronage hires.

  7. Your obsession with franks is really getting disturbing.

    I can refer you to some great agencies to get help.

    Oh wait… your GOP wants to cut them.

  8. ^^^^Now that’s a great comment based on fact.

    Well said, Facts.

    Throw in a Bob Miller post and some “Stolen Signs” for good measure and you have a Facts sandwich.

  9. Most people on this blog can handle facts sandwiches. They dumpster dive for fake news.

  10. The IRS mileage reimbursement rate is 53.5 cents per mile as of January 1, 2017.

    Using that rate, Ms. Geenen would be claiming to have driven exactly 935 miles per month, for each of the four months listed in the above Supporters of Jack D Franks campaign expenses for political purposes, while also separately employed full time by the county (McHenry County).

    Here is the math:

    $500 mileage expenditure / .535 per mile = 934.58 miles


    Furthermore, she claimed $500 per month for mileage beginning 2017.

    In 2012 to 2016 she claimed $250 per month for mileage.

  11. So for the last 5 1/2 years Ms. Geenen claims to have driven the exact same mileage every month.

    The IRS reimbursement rate varies by year, so the miles per month varies based on the year.

    But within a year, the exact same miles.

    Would be interesting to see those records and how the story is spun by the Franks campaign.

  12. I did some research, turns out, Cal Skinner is trying to cover up the real story: That in the last quarter, Franks raised more money then every Republican candidate in the county – combined.

    What’s more, Cal has a very short sighted memory given reimbursements for cell phone use, mileage and food are standard from a campaign account.

    All one has to do is look at Mike Tryon and Pam Althoff’s expenditures.

    They even paid their Springfield rent with campaign money!!

    But a staffer is reimbursed for their work and that’s wrong?

    So much for the American Dream.

    Let’s attack a woman supporting three kids.

  13. In other words the Franks campaign has no answers as to why the Supporters of Jack D Franks PAC has expended mileage reimbursements to Ms. Geenen for driving the exact same mileage every month of a year for the last 5.5 years.

  14. Here are some options for discussing possible courses of action for the questionable political campaign mileage expenditures.


    – Contact Liberty Justice Center



    – Contact the US Attorney General’s office, Northern District of Illinois


    It’s been reported the Central District is investigating current Illinois Auditor General Frank Mautino for alleged campaign violations while he was a State Representative.


    – Contract Faisal Khan of Project Six.

    He’s focusing on Chicago but might have some insight.



    File a complaint with the State Board of Elections.

    The Edgar County Watchdog website has lots of details on how that process is working regarding complaints about Frank Mautino.

  15. Hey Moderate, no one is saying they’re happy with Tryon or Althoff either!

    They are two RINO’ and should never be considered for re-election of anything!

    This is however, just one example of how Jack Franks is costing the taxpayers 3X what the office cost us in the past when others were Chairman/chairwomen.

    “Tax-fighter” MY A$$!

  16. Some companies and public entities pay a standard agreed upon amount each month to identified employees for milage, food, and phones.

    That’s why you see the same amounts each month.

    We based our amount to each employee group on high averages per group based on a one year (or so) study of actual milage and phone billing back to company.

    Sure sense and saved a lot of time and money.

  17. Thanks for following in Mark’s footsteps, doing additional research and sharing it with readeers.

  18. The State Board Elections mileage reimbursement rule listed above is simple and clear.

    “Persons using vehicles not purchased or leased by the political committee may be reimbursed for actual mileage for the use of the vehicle for campaign purpose or for the performance of governmental duties.

    The mileage reimbursements shall be made at a rate not to exceed the standard mileage rate method for computation of business expenses under the Internal Revenue Code.”


    Nothing in that rule suggests much less states a standard agreed upon amount each month can be used to reimburse someone for mileage incurred while using their car.

    Feel free to cite a State Board of Elections or IRS rule for a standard agreed upon amount each month for mileage reimbursement.

    The Jack Franks PAC does not own any vehicles, so any reference to company owned vehicles is invalid.

  19. Also, in this case the money is being expended by the political action committee to those receiving the mileage reimbursement, so no taxpayer dollars are being used.

    It seems State Board of Elections and IRS rules are not being followed, so those organizations would decide whether or not to look into the matter, and if they do look into the matter, whether or not the PAC and individuals are violating any rules.

    But that will only happen if someone brings the matter to their attention.

    Which to date no one has done.

  20. There is a distinction to be made of State Board of Elections (SBE) v Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

    The SBE rule only seems to allow for actual mileage.

    A political action committee (PAC) must follow the SBE rule.

    IRS does have a flat rate option, but one has to consider the tax consequences (in other words, how were the income tax returns prepared).

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