Franks Skips Sunday at the McHenry County Fair

To participate in the McHenry County Fair one must sign a contract saying that one will be there every day of the fair.

The little tent on the right is where McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks was located until Sunday.

Imagine my surprise when I walked down the Midway to the tent of McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks and found it closed.

Nobody manning it.

No petitions to sign.

No signs around the outside.

A next door vendor told me that he skipped Sunday last year, too.


Franks Skips Sunday at the McHenry County Fair — 25 Comments

  1. The County Board Chair’s political campaign violated its contract with the county?

    Is it possible to see a copy of that contract or a blank contract?

  2. Oh so what and this is important news.

    Cal we know you don’t like Franks and either do I but REALLY

  3. The following was sent to Jack Franks by the Fair Association:

    “EXHIBIT HOURS for INSIDE AND OUTSIDE: Exhibit halls will be open to the public and staffed Tuesday 4:00 PM to 10 PM, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM and on Sunday from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

    Second Party must be set up and ready for operations by 4:00 PM Tuesday and remain in full operation each day as specified above.

    If not in place by 4:00 pm on Tuesday, there will be a $50 fee. NO VEHICLE MOVE-OUTS UNTIL 8:00 PM SUNDAY NIGHT.

    If tear down happens prior to 8:00 PM Sunday, there will be a $100 fee and you may not be invited back to future fairs on our grounds. ”

    Maybe we should pressure the Fair Association to NEVER invite him back?

    Note to ‘Moderate’ – Yet another question for you?

  4. I smell another scandal here. How about calling this “empty tent next to delicious caramel corn and candy apples-gate?” Tic, tock, tic, tock…

  5. “Remember the Sabbath Day to keep it holy?”

    as a an ex-Jehovah’s Witness, Saturday was our ‘Sabbath’ at the old Kingdom Hall, not Sunday.

    That’s also a practice of Seventh Day Adventists and Seventh Day Baptists.

    But, of course, the little Liar ‘Jacko’ doesn’t practice any of those those faiths.

    As a Jew, however, his Sabbath ought to start after sundown on Friday.

    So, he OUGHT to have been there Sunday and can’t use the “I was at Church” excuse.

    But then again, he masquerades as a Catholic, Lutheran and, occasionally, as an Episcopalian when the little chameleon finds it politically expedient.

    He also has many minions and creepy political operatives at his beck and call …..

    he could always call upon the ‘good’ folks at the Fair’s atheist and pro-abortion booth to step in when he’s out basking.

  6. I ought to have written ‘booths’ above ……. yes, those destructive groups had separate booths at the fair!

  7. and of course, the foul Llavona could have filled in for Franks (or the fake ‘Moderate’ for that matter).

    But then again, the wily Franks might have nixed SeƱor Llavona bc he’d turn off so may people (BO? Kookiness? Argumentativeness?), so Franks might have been better off breaking the rules once again.

    Rules are only for “the little people’ any way, not the likes of such personages as him!

    I once heard him screaming at a telephone operator on his cellphone …. “No, I’m NOT trying to make a person to person call! I’m trying to make a personage to person call!”

  8. Excellent! I particularly enjoyed the pro-life connection to the story. Tic, tock, tic, tock…

  9. Swordfish? Already knowing his background – it was meant as tongue-in-cheek.

  10. Read the rule that he broke, which has been posted by a commenter.

  11. Easy fix.

    Next time someone sprinkle some spare pocket change on the ground around his booth.

    He’ll never leave and it would keep him busy for hours.

  12. Someone would have to file a complaint with the McHenry County Fair Association to pursue the Jack Franks political organization not following the rules.

    Are there any consequences listed in the rule book for not following the rules?

    Or historic precedent?

  13. I do believe the notice was quite clear: “If tear down happens prior to 8:00 PM Sunday, there will be a $100 fee and you may not be invited back to future fairs on our grounds.”

    Whether the Association is serious or not is another question. There were several booths vacated prior to 8:00 PM last night but I do not know of any booth that did not even open on Sunday – a flagrant violation – similar to the County Sign ordinance violation by the Franks legal firm a few years back.

    Maybe the Association will invoke “Deferred action” similar to DACA?

  14. Maybe Round Mound had a tummy ache from the day before .

    Heard the food stand next door was completely cleaned out of corn dogs.

  15. Maybe working on consolidation of LITH sanitary district?

    Cal how about some discussion on what is going on down there on the border of McHenry County and Kane county is in order?

  16. Would be of little surprise if there was debate over how to interpret the $100 tear down rule.

    What is the definition of tear down?

    If no one is present, no literature is present, no marketing of any type present, is that a tear down?

  17. There have been several articles.

    Search for “LITH Sanitary District.”

  18. Union rates are triple time on Sundays.

    Franks’ ‘volunteers’ don’t come cheap.

    Does he pay his interns a ‘fair’ $15/hour?

  19. Just like any consolidation attempt to date, Jack and his pals at LITH have not produced any facts with related numbers to prove there will be a savings.

    Very BA of them to whine and not prove a dam thing.

    Hope was a BO talking point that didnt pan out well with BOcare.

  20. “Someone would have to file a complaint with the McHenry County Fair Association to pursue the Jack Franks political organization not following the rules.” How about this for an agitator? Why doesn’t he/she files the complaint? We know them too well…tic, tock, tic, tock…

  21. Can I file a complaint against the rather hideous Llavona?

    My charge is: Stupidity Class X

  22. Typical libtard Democrat….he thinks he can judge himself instead of an independent third party!

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