NorWest Republicans Release Questionnaire – 4

This is the fourth page of the NorWest Township Republican Organization’s questionnaire to all County Board candidates running in its territory (Districts 4 and 6), plus the office of County Clerk.

It was sent to all candidates.  The ones missing did not reply.

­Question                                        Schuster Brettman Wheeler Miller Tirio
D-6 D=6 D-4 Treas. Clerk


39. Full implementation of 287-g by all law enforcement agencies? yes yes 21 yes yes
Comment 21: And negative consequences for those State and local agencies who refuse to comply.
40. Overturning Roe v. Wade? yes yes yes yes yes
41. No tax dollars to be used for abortions or to support organizations that support abortions? yes yes yes yes yes
42. Require parental notification / permission (custodial parent / parents) prior to the performance of an abortion involving a minor child? yes yes yes yes yes
43. Enactment of the Illinois Born-Alive Infant Protection Act? yes yes 22 yes yes yes
Comment 22: _
44. Constitutional enshrinement of DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act)? blank yes yes blank
45. Elimination of the Federal Dept. of Education? yes yes yes yes yes
46. Parental rights to final decisions relative to IEPs? (Individual Education Plan) yes yes yes yes
47. Do you see the U.S. Constitution as a living document to be adjusted to current norms? no no no no no
48. Do you support the practice of special committees being called for issues already assigned to standing committees within a government body? no no 23 no no no
Comment 23: See:
49. Do you consider yourself a Fiscal: Conservative? Moderate? Liberal? Social: Conservative? Moderate? Liberal? cons. cons. cons. cons. cons.
49.1 Based on your choices, tell us how your positions will be applied to your duties as a member of the unit of government you are campaigning for: cons. 2 cons. 24 cons. cons. 50 cons. 82


Comment 2: Rather than simply continuing government oversite and funding as usual, I would work to find alternatives to continued government services and programs.

Comment 24: I intend to be the Conservative Conscience or the McHenry County Board in exactly the same fashion as Senator Barry Goldwater was for the U.S. Senate.

Comment 50: My understanding of property taxes and the laws that govern – my ability to empathize with taxpayers frustration of high taxes.

Comment 82: Fiscally taking advantage of opportunities to limit / save / share costs where possible.


NorWest Republicans Release Questionnaire – 4 — 6 Comments

  1. What about reinstating the death penalty for capital crimes ?

  2. Since the issue has come up on the other three posts, here’s the answer to why we included questions that may not directly pertain to the roles these particular offices…

    The idea here was to not only get a better understanding of these candidates’ views on local issues, but also to see how well they align with the Republican Party platform -viewable here:

    Unfortunately, McHenry County has a history of people running for office as Republicans for political expedience, but then governing like liberal Democrats. In local races, it’s far too easy to get through editorial board interviews or a candidate night “debate” by echoing the usual “lower taxes, cleaner water, less corruption” mantras; digging into topics like immigration, sanctity of life, etc., gives voters more insight into the candidates’ core beliefs.

    This being primary season, the Norwest Townships Republican Central Committee wanted to offer Republican primary voters the opportunity to get a better feel for whether or not a candidate is a Republican-in-name-only, or if she or he actually believes in and will support the Republican Party platform.

    The answers to this questionnaire shed light on that, as does the refusal by many candidates to respond at all.

  3. Following the party platform- a concept that’s lost on so many Republicans in public office.

    This was great of your twnshp to do!

    We’re these the only candidates that did your questionnaire?

    The GOP should adopt this practice.

    I wouldn’t vote for candidates that blew off this or other organizations questionnaires or interviews.

  4. What is their position on republican fundraiser dining etiquette? Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock…

  5. I believe this was made available to all local candidates (except maybe judges) who are on the ballot in the NorWest Townships area (the twelve townships with fewer than ten precincts each).

  6. As noted above: “It was sent to all candidates.

    The ones missing did not reply.”

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