Governors’ Ghost Employees

— Illinois comptroller wants to stop governors’ payroll “off-shoring” – Doug Finke

When I saw this article in the State Joural-Register, it brought me back to the time Dan Walker was in office in the 1970’s.

I was staying in the cheapest hotel within walking distance of the Capitol because I took the train, whose station was downtown.

The Hotel Governor, now a parking lot near the Old State Capitol.

One night I ran into a young man in the hall who said he wrote speeches for Governor Walker.

“Where do you work?” I asked.

His answer: “The Department of Agriculture.”

Then, such folks were called “ghost employees.”

David McSweeney

Now, apparently State Comptroller  Susana Mendoza calls the practice “off-shorting.”

Standing next to Mendoza was State Rep. David McSweeney.

“We need to have accurate accounting. We obviously don’t have it in the governor’s office,” he said.


Governors’ Ghost Employees — 3 Comments

  1. and out of what ‘budget’ does Chairman of our County Board Jack Franks’ lackey boy, Kevin Craver get paid?

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