McSweeney’s Bill to Allow Voter Abolition of McHenry County Townships on House Floor

David McSweeney

Awaiting a vote on the Illinois House floor is State Rep. David McSweeney’s bill that would allows voters in McHenry County Townships to vote to disband that local government.

House Bill 348 had been placed on “Short Debate,” which generally means one person gets to speak in favor and one against.

Last time I believe McSweeney spoke in favor and Steve Reick spoke in opposition.

Allen Skillicorn is a Joint Sponsor.


McSweeney’s Bill to Allow Voter Abolition of McHenry County Townships on House Floor — 12 Comments

  1. Glad to see somebody is doing something to eliminate a wholly useless layer of misgovernment.

  2. There he goes again with McHenry County specific bills and with no evidence that it will save money or be better.

    McSweeney made clear he doesn’t care about McHenry County, or its County Board members or units of govt. close to the people, and is using us to make deals with Franks.

    A very dangerous path!

  3. Mostly a waste of time and effort. School districts are approximately 70 percent of our real estate tax bills. Townships are a small amount. If politicians want to do something worthwhile, work to reduce school district costs.
    Such as excesses/redundancies, too many districts, too many administrative people, bloated salaries/benefits/pensions.

  4. Best legislator we’ve had in many years.

    Townships in urban areas are a clear waste.

    I’ve never met a township official who knew what he was doing.

  5. Bred’s spot on.
    Misplaced attention by McWhatever that’s either by design, ignorance, or due to ulterior motive.
    I’m fine with the township stuff.
    But then, I don’t live in Algonquin township…that’s led by the people the voters chose, mind you.

  6. The trite argument that “townships tax us so much less than school districts” is getting ridiculous.

    When you realize your household costs are unsustainable and you need to cut unnecessary costs, do you first:

    a) sell your house, or

    b) cut the cable, electricity, or Netflix bill?

    If course the most unnecessary bills get the axe first. As it should be.

    That said: every taxpayer and elector in every Township should have the right to their vote on this issue–no matter what their stance.

  7. “Short Debate” in Springfield, is where the savage majesty of nature goes on display, as one Bull imbecile locks horns with another Bull imbecile challenger.

  8. The Wilcox bill is more fair and balanced, it asks at least for some proof to validate change.

  9. This is most likely an effort I futility.

    Even if it passes and the governor signs it, most likely won’t pass the voters of McHenry county.

    Not enough information to vote for and the rural areas most likely wouldn’t favor it.

    McSweeny gets to say he tried and pats himself on the back.

    A referendum on dissolving the road district in Algonquin Township is much more likely to pass.

    Consolidate the individual townships first.

  10. I don’t think it makes sense to consolidate Algonquin Township with another.

    It already has the most population.

    As for the small townships–they seem to be working pretty well.`

  11. The Wilcox bill is a betrayal.

    I thought he was for cutting excess governmental units.

    Just another Big Government Sh+thead.

    That’s why IL is dying.

    McSweeney rocks!

  12. McSweeney, like Trump, is hated by those who advance lame, liberal and criminal politicos.

    McSweeney & Trump, so rich, they can’t be bought!

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