Judge Justin Hansen Holds Veteran Acres Fundraiser

This is the banner Justin Hansen uses in parades. Note the pipe on the bottom to keep the sign verticle in case of wind.

Sunday afternoon those attending appointed Judge Justin Hansen’s fundraiser at Crystal Lake’s Veteran Acres picnic shelter dodged raindrops.

Justin Hansen chats with supporters, one of whom is State’s Attorney Patrick Kenneally.

Hansen, who seeks to win a six-year term in the November, 2020, General Election, set his event at the same time the Pro-Life Victory PAC was holding its even at Huntley’s Lincoln Farmstead.

Judge Mark Gerhardt was gathering signatures.

Hansen has two appointed colleagues–David Gervais and Mark Gerhardt–who will be on the ballot at the same time.

Judge David Gervais got chilly and put on a jacket.

They went from the Route 47 venue to the Crystal Lake Park District’s.


Judge Justin Hansen Holds Veteran Acres Fundraiser — 12 Comments

  1. These lawyers buy influence with contributions.

    Don’t tell me they don’t.

  2. Another poor little rich kid that was appointed by the establishment.

  3. And right there is Patty ‘Cakes’ Kenneally, Bobby Miller’s Squeally.

    The man is a fraudster and turns blind eyes on official corruption in Uber-corrupt McHenry County.

  4. Ugh Kenneally.

    Makes me sick.

    No wonder McHenry County is such a trashy place.

    Pottersville, wh

    It’s no happy ending.

  5. Judge Justin Hansen is an excellent asset, and I can’t wait until he slaps the crap out of Stand4truth’s dog.

  6. Pat must smell that Hansen will probably win.

    He horns in that way.

    Don’t blame Hansen for the type of brown-noses who come.

    Almost all of the attendees are lawyers trying to get on Hansen’s “good side” via $$$$.

  7. These contributions are nothing but retroactive bribes should the recipient get in.

  8. Kenneally doesn’t miss theses events and the American Bar Association in it’s ethics states that he shouldn’t compromise his offices integrity with political association as it is quite apparent that he bases his office on political favors.

    This guy needs some ethics and Weight Watchers based on the photos an fatter than Hillary “Cankles” Clinton.

    Imagine the skid marks in this guy’s drawers.

  9. “Sign my petition or I’ll have to go door-to-door or pay people $3 a sig.”

  10. Implications of dishonesty or bribery as to Judge Hansen are vile nonsense.

    I didn’t go to the fundraiser and will support the the other candidate, and have done so openly.

    But I have absolutely no reason to think that will reflect in how he rules or treats me or others in my cases.

    I don’t like the process of appointments in the unfettered discretion of Justice Bob Thomas, but in the case of Judge Hansen, we have an intelligent judge with a calm demeanor who listens and rules as he sees within the bounds of the law.

  11. Unless someone else that I am unaware of has gotten in the race, the “other candidate” is Mary McClellan.

    Are you seriously supporting her?

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