McHenry Police Report

From the McHenry Police Department:

Thursday 11/28/2019 thru Wednesday 12/04/2019

During this time period the McHenry Police Department:

  • Handled 427 calls for service
  • Investigated 14 Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • Conducted 137 Traffic Stops
  • Conducted over 97 Business Checks and Foot Patrols
  • Handled calls for service involving Domestic Disputes
  • Handled calls for service involving crisis intervention
  • Arrested 10 individuals on State criminal charges


McHenry Police Report — 4 Comments

  1. Oh for the days when the NW Herald would publish local towns Police Blotter activity, complete with names…seemed to keep folks more law abiding for fear of getting their name in the paper.

    Not sure why they dont anymore because locals eat that stuff up for “news”, I recall an assistant news editor who once worked there saying he’d get calls every week to not publish names of arrested folks, even with offers of “gifts”, but he always published them.

    Now you’re lucky if you see one a year from a single town.

    MC Blog at least giving some ball parks of police activity, so thank you.

  2. Bob, nobody reads the fake news anymore; it’s irrelevant.

    Do the advertisers know that the paid circulation figures spouted by the Fake News “editors” are bloated and preposterous?

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