Sun-Times Editorializes on AJ’s Mother’s Guilty Plea

In its editorial concerning JoAnne Cunningham’s murder guilty plea, the Chicago Sun-Times notes,

“As part of Cunningham’s plea deal, prosecutors removed language from court documents describing AJ’s murder as ‘brutal and heinous.’ In reality, what little AJ went through was exactly that.”

Its description of AJ’s torture follows:

“The public soon found out that little AJ endured many beatings in his short life, and no shortage of 20-minute cold showers, too. Those were his mother’s preferred form of “discipline” if he wet the bed or soiled his underpants. Forehead abrasions, in the same pattern as on the shower head, were among the many injuries found all over his frail body in an autopsy.”

The punishment recommended by the Sun-Times:

“Cunningham, 36, pleaded guilty to avoid a life sentence. She now faces 20 to 60 years in prison, and she deserves every second of whatever she gets.”


Sun-Times Editorializes on AJ’s Mother’s Guilty Plea — 3 Comments

  1. Why is Kenneally laughing and smiling in media photos regarding this crime involving the murder of a five year old boy?

    He did nothing to win this case and likely thinks he’s also responsible for the most recent Blackhawks Stanley Cup and Cubs World Series Championship because he watched them wearing a jersey and sipping Shirley Temples!

  2. I wish Prosecuting Attorney Kenneally would have gone for the jugular with Cunningham here—

    why the plea, where if the judge only gives 20 or 30 years she’ll still have a chance at a life after prison, a life little AJ never will have.

    Why not a trial for first degree murder and a Life w/o Parole possibility?

    After reading the torture in the details of the Police interrogation of what that child went through, this wasnt an “accident”…First degree murder would have been a near slam dunk with any jury or even judge.

    That woman hated AJ and wanted him extinguished.

    She’ll get hers in the Big House…

    Women there tend to be big, strong, angry and have it out for her type—child abuse, child murderers.

    The details of his torture needed to come out in a trial so the public is further outraged and focuses on DCFS, new laws for observing child abuse, and looking into why Acosta/DCFS employees didnt respond accordingly.

    Kenneally missed a golden opportunity for a sure reelection.

  3. Gomez, Jr. (above) hit the nail on the head.

    Kenneally grins but the kid is DEAD!

    But all the culprits he won’t charge.

    ‘Cause the vile Acosta is still at large,

    Livin’ the County Board Vida Loca large!

    He grins and smiles for the Fake News crew,

    But the taxpayers of Algonquin Township can in his words ‘Go Screw’

    Because Bobby Miller and his covetous clan

    Ripped everybody off — Their dynastic plan.

    Patty Boy you are our Man!

    Ferry us to Disneyland (With the Millers!)

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