IL-06/IL-14: Chicago Tribune Endorses Jeanne Ives and Sue Rezin

Jeanne Ives
Sue Rezin

Tribune endorses two women for the 6th and 14th seats

Saturday morning, the Chicago Tribune endorsed Jeanne Ives in the 6th district and Sue Rezin in the 14th district for the 2020 Republican primary elections.

In the 6th, while emphasizing Ives displayed qualities two years ago in her unsuccessful bid for governor, the Tribune endorsement points out Ives is better prepared to retake the 6th district seat.

“…that hard edge has softened in this congressional campaign, so there’s reason to believe she learned a lesson that makes her a better candidate today. That’s important because Ives would need to appeal to social moderates in the November general election…”

Chicago Tribune Editorial Endorsement 2/15/20

In the 14th, the Tribune reminds readers of Jim Oberweis’ previous runs for high profile statewide offices. And after mentioning Catalina Lauf as a candidate with promise, endorsed Sue Rezin in the 7-person field.

“…a consistent advocate for financial stability in Illinois who also specializes in health care and energy issues.”

Chicago Tribune Editorial Endorsement 2/15/20

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IL-06/IL-14: Chicago Tribune Endorses Jeanne Ives and Sue Rezin — 6 Comments

  1. Ives: Yes

    Rezin: NO!!!!!!!

    Since she’s a democrat, she ought to run as a democrat.

    And Comrade Bernie, running for the democrat nomination, but not switching his party from socialist?

    Why do the democrats allow him to even run as a democrat when he won’t do it in VT?

  2. I wonder if there is some person out there trying to vote the opposite of what the newspaper recommended to “own the libs” but then they saw one newspaper endorsed Kinzler and another endorsed Ives so now they’re confused about how to best own the libs.

  3. Tribune never even had editorial board interview for the 6th district.

    Not even Over phone.

    Kinzler campaign called and asked several times.

    They sent them an email and said they had all the info they needed.

    Did not have time for board interview.

    Real fair.

    They threw out endorsement late Friday night.

    It is a weak endorsement saying Ives has changed on social issues.

    I don’t know which editor did it because they don’t post names.

    It is usually just one editor that makes the call.

    In past the one editor in charge of an area (and was a part time cohost with dan Proft.) you should ask why they never contacted the Kinzler campaign.

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